Art History Chapter 1

Waterworn pebble resembling a human face, from Makapansgat, South Africa, ca. 3,000,000 BCE. Reddish brown jasperite, approx. 2 3/8" wide. (Paleolithic)
Animal facing left, from the Apollo 11 Cave, Namibia, ca. 23,000 BCE. Charcoal on stone, 5" X 4 1/4". State Museum of Namibia, Windhoek. (Paleolithic)
Human with feline head, from Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany, ca. 30,000-28,000 BCE. Mammoth ivory, 11 5/8" high. Ulmer Museum, Ulm. (Paleolithic)
Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf), from Willendorf, Austria, ca. 28,000-25,000 BCE. Limestone, 4 1/4" high. Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna. (Paleolithic)
Woman holding a bison horn, from Laussel, France, ca. 25,000-20,000 BCE. Painted limestone, approx. 1' 6" high. Musée d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-7 Two bison, reliefs in cave at Le Tuc d'Audoubert, France, ca. 15,000-10,000 BCE. Clay, each 2' long. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-8 Bison with turned head, fragmentary spearthrower, from La Madeleine, France, ca. 12,000 BCE. Reindeer horn, 4" long. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-9 Bison, detail of a painted ceiling in the cave at Altamira, Spain, ca. 12,000-11,000 BCE. Each bison 5' long. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-10 Spotted horses and negative hand imprints, wall painting in the cave at Pech-Merle, France, ca. 22,000 BCE. 11' 2" long. (paleolithic)
Figure 1-11 Hall of the Bulls (left wall) in the cave at Lascaux, France, ca. 15,000-13,000 BCE. Largest bull 11' 6" long. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-12 Aurochs, horses, and rhinoceroses, wall painting in Chauvet Cave, Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France, ca. 30,000-28,000 or ca. 15,000-13,000 BCE. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-13 Rhinoceros, wounded man, and disemboweled bison, painting in the well of the cave at Lascaux, France ca. 15,000 - 13,000 BCE. Bison 3' 8" long. (Paleolithic)
Figure 1-14 Great stone tower built into the settlement wall, Jericho, ca. 8000-7000 BCE. (Neolithic)
Figure 1-15 Human figure, from Ain Ghazal, Jordan, ca. 6750-6250 BCE. Plaster, painted and inlaid with bitumen, 3' 5 3/8" high. Louvre, Paris. (Neolithic)
Figure 1-16 Restored view of a section of Level VI, Çatal Höyük, Turkey, ca. 6000-5900 BCE (John Swogger). (Neolithic)
Figure 1-17 Deer hunt, detail of a wall painting from Level III, Çatal Höyük, Turkey, ca. 5750 BCE. Museum of Anatolian Civilization, Ankara. (Neolithic)
Fig. 1-18 Landscape with volcanic eruption (?), watercolor copy of a wall painting from Level VII, Çatal Höyük, Turkey, ca. 6150 BCE. (Neolithic)
Figure 1-19 Gallery leading to the main chamber of the passage grave, Newgrange, Ireland, ca. 3200 - 2500 BCE. (Neolithic)
Figure 1-20 Aerial view of Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England, ca. 2550-1600 BCE. Circle is 97' in diameter; trilithons 24' high. (Neolithic)