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The birth rate of a population is expressed as a
If the growth rate r of a population is positive and remains constant, the number of people added to the population
increases each year
The most critical factor in controlling human population growth is
decreasing the average number of births per woman
The total fertility rate is an estimate of
the number of children each woman in a population will have
The human population is currently following roughly a J-shaped curve. This means that the population is growing
Populations whose age structure diagrams are narrower at the bottom than at the top have
a declining population
Population growth rates are high in developing countries because
children are often an important economic advantage
The population of the US continues to grow as a result of
immigration, babies born to baby boom generation parents,the birth rate being above replacement level, fertility during the 1940s through 1960s and population momentum.
At present, Earth's human population is
increasing exponentially
Using the rule of 70, a population growing at 10% would double in
Rule of 70/10% = 7 years
Ivory Coast and China are two developing nations. China has a much larger per capita ecological footprint than Ivory Coast. This is most likely due to
China's growing dependence on fossil fuels to drive their economy and Ivory Coast's dependence on small scale and subsistence agriculture
Urban populations represent approximately -- % of the world population, but consume--% of the world's resources.
GDP includes
Consumer Spending, Investments, Government Spending and Exports - Imports
Malthus noted that human populations grow-- while food supply grows--
A particular country has a Total Fertility Rate equal to replacement level fertility and emigration equal to immigration. Which of the following must be true?
The population must be stable
The infant mortality rate and Child mortality rate are defined as the number of deaths per 1000 live births for children under -- and -- of age respectively.
1 year;5 years
The region of the world with the highest incidence of HIV infections is
Sub-Saharan Africa
A country has a TFR of 1.6, yet its population continues to grow. What is one likely explanation for this deviation from the norm?
The net immigration is high enough to overcome low TFR
At one point China has the highest fertility rates in the world. Now, with a rate of 1.6 births/woman, the population is expected to
begin falling by 2040
Population size can be estimated using the formula
Most demographers estimate that the human population will stabilize between -- and -- billion people by 2100
6.8; 10.5
When looking at an age structure diagram, you notice that the lowest ages represent the lowest percentages of the population. You are most likely looking at
a population that will begin to shrink when that age group reaches sexual maturity
According to the theory of demographic transition, rapid growth occurs during phase
According to the theory of demographic transition, the highest birth rates and death rates are likely to occur during phase
According to the theory of demographic transition, birth rates decline during phase
According to the theory of demographic transition, birth rates may drop below death rates during phase