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The second set of study material for Mr. Jones's Unit test in Biology

organic chemistry

the chemistry of carbon found in living things

organic compounds

compounds found in living organisms that are carbon-based


atoms that gained electrons or lost electrons

molecules found in living things water

fifty to ninety-five percent

molecules found in living things ions

less than one percent

molecules found in living things organic

almost all of the rest of molecules in living things

carbon atom is able to form ___ bonds with other elements


carbon is the _____ element that can form four bonds


the three most common elements of life


other important elements of life

nitrogen calcium phosphorous iron and sodium

water is used as a

coolant, transport medium and habitat


light can pass through


water molecules are strongly attracted to other water molecules, sticking together making it difficult for small objects to break through


when molecules of different types are attracted to each other


water dissolves many substances

cooling effect

water can evaporate at temperatures below the boiling point, as water evaporates surfaces cool down


water becomes less dense as temperature decreases

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