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General Macarthur....Physical Appearance

Older 60ish

General Macarthur...Job/Personality

General in the army/dry personality/feels guilty and sad/ready to die

General Macarthur...Accused Crime

Sends Aurthur Richard, his wifes lover to his death because he was depressed

General Macarthur...Death

Hit on the back of the head with a life preserver and falls into the ocean

Emily Brent...Physical Appearance

65 years old/proper/petite

Emily Brent...Job/Personality


Emily Brent...Accused Crime

She sent her pregnant servant girl out into the streets. Beatrice Taylor killed herself

Phillip Lombard...Physical Appearance

Younger, Described as a wolf

Phillip Lombard...Job/Personality

Ex-Solidiar/Bold/Adventurous/Carried to the island a revolver/TOURIST-he went in place of another

Phillip Lombard...Accused Crime

Guilty of killing 21 men from an Eastern African Tribe

Phillip Lombard..Death

Shot by Vera

Vera Claythorne...Physical Appearance

Young/attractive/wealthy background/dressed nicely - has nice things

Vera Claythorne...Job/Personality

Baby sitter/governess/smart/calm/confused/she was going to be the secretary

Vera Claythorne...Accused Crime

Wanted Hugo's attention so she let cyril drown on purpose

Vera Claythorne...Death

She hung herself "Hugo wanted her to do it"

Lawerence Wargrave...Physical Appearance

Old-70's/grey hair/wrinkles/week/frail

Lawerence Wargrave...Job/Personality

Judge-murderer/likes romance/leader/stern/appeared to be laid back/smart/smokes

Lawerence Wargrave...Accused Crime

Judge sent an innocent man to death by changing the Jury's mind....Edward Seton

Lawerence Wargrave...Death

1st faked his death/then after everyone was killled he shot himself

Ethel Rogers...Physical Appearance


Ethel Rogers...Job/Personality


Ethel Rogers...Accused Crime

Helped Jennifer Brady die earlier because they wanted her money

Ethel Rogers...Death

Overdoes of chloral hydrate

Thomas Rogers...Physical Appearance


Thomas Rogers...Job/Personality


Thomas Rogers...Accused Crime

Helped Jennifer Brady die earlier because they wanted her money

Thomas Rogers...Death

got nit in the back of the head with and axe....he was chopping wood

William Blore...Physical Appearance

middle aged

William Blore...Job/Personality

former policeman/detective/inspecter/strong/athletic

William Blore...Accused Crime

killed James Landon....Framed him

William Blore...Death

head was crushed with a bear clock/clock was marble/Wargrave pushed it out of the window

Anthony Marston...Physical Appearance

young/good looking

Anthony Marston...Job/Personality

no job/wealth/carefree/drives convertible

Anthony Marston...Accused Crime

Ran over John and Lucy Combes

Anthony Marston...Death

he chocked on cyanide/poison/thought it was wiskey

Dr. Armstrong...Physical Appearance

middle aged

Dr. Armstrong...Job/Personality


Dr. Armstrong...Accused Crime

He was drink operating on Louisa Mary Clees

Dr. Armstrong...Death

Red herring/pushed off cliff/drowned

Name all the guests in order on how they died.

Marston, Ethel Rogers, General Macarthur, Thomas Rogers, Emily Brent, "Wargrave", Dr. Armstrong, Blore, Lombard, Vera, Wargrave

What is the authors full name, when was she born, and where?

Agatha Miller Christie on September 15, 1890 in Devon, England

What was Agatha's first novel? what year?

The mysterious affair at 1920

How many novels has she written?


Where did Agatha Christie die? and whats the date?

Wallingford in Oxfordshire on January 12, 1976

What is a Red Herring?

It's meant to diver, or distract, attention from the main subject by introducing something irrelevant (fish)

What is the islands name which the guests are called to?

Indian Island

How many "guests" are invited including the butler and his wife?


Who has invited all thees guests to the island?

U. N. Owen....(wargrave)

Who is repeatedly compared to or described like a reptile?

Justice Wargrave

What happens to Mrs. Rogers, the maid? (her death)

Overdose of Chloral hydrate

What brakes the silence after the guests have dinner?

The swan Song....the gramaphone

What does Wargrave suggest that U. N. Owen stands for?


Which guest plans to cover his true identity?


What happens to Anthony Marston at the end of chapter 4?

He chocked on poison and dies

Name 2 characters that don' feel sorry for their crime.

Emily Brent and Anthony Marston

Who is Cyril? Hugo?

Cyril is the boy Vera killed and Hugo is the guy she loved

What is the relationship/correlation between what happens to Anthony Marston and the poem on the mantelpiece?

In the poem it said he would choke and he chocked...10 little indians went out to dine one chocked himself and then there were nine

What did E. Rogers die of according to Miss Brent?

because she had a guilty contsions

What is the literary term that hints at events to come later?


How many Indians are left in the dinning room after the sudden deaths of Marston and Mrs. Rogers?

8 indians

Why does Vera suddenly have strong dislike for Emily Brent?

Because Vera doesn't like her crime and why she kicked the Beatrice Taylor out

What is the "relief" that General MacArthur refers to?

"Relief of death" = death for hime

Who has brought a revolver with them to the island?

Lombard ... because somebody told him to

Why has Lombard come to the island?

Because his boss told him to to pretect the people on the island

Who has just died as the storm begins?


Who does Justice Wargrave suggest Mr. Owen?

Someone on the island is the killer

Who has joined an alliance at the beginning of chapter 10?

Vera and Lombard

Name the two alliances going on.

Vera + Lombard and Wargrave + Armstrong

After the murder of Rogers, who provides breakfast? What does this demonstrate about the social structure to the time?

Vera because the lady always cooks the breakfast

How does Emily Brent die, and who had provided the earlier warning?

A "bee sting" (shot in the neck with cyanide) and Vera said watch out for bees on the island.

What is missing at the end of Chapter 12?

The revolver and Wargrave took it.

What is it in Vera's room that makes her scream? What does she think it is?

Seaweed and she thinks its Cyril's hand

After Wargrave is found shot, which of the remaining guests do Blore, Lombard, and Vera think the killer is?


Who has gone missing at the end of Chapter 14?


What does Vera mean when she says, "We're the zoo..."?

That they are all animals and the island is there cage. trapped paranoid, dependent, zoo keeper is wargrave.

Who are the final two guests remaining in Chapter 16?

vera and lombard

Who kills Lombard and How?

Vera shot him

What is the final line of the nursery rhyme?

And Then There Were None

Why are the murders such a mystery to the inspectors?

There was no one on the island and no one could get off the island

Who is Isaac Morris?

A drug dealer who Wargrave killed and hired him to by the island and make the arrangements

In the Epilogue, how was the confession found? What was it in?

A fisherman found it and it was in a bottle

Who is the author of the manuscript -- the author of this crime? What is his/her motive?

Wargrave and it was he had to give them justice for their crimes/he wanted to create the most unsolvable murder/he was dyeing/he loved murder and people suffering

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