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Federal System


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_________ powers are powers shared by the national, state, and/or local government.
__________ system - a system of government where power is located with the independent states and there is little power in the central government.
__________ powers are the powers specifically named and assigned to the federal government or prohibited to be exercised by the states under the U.S. Constitution.
Enumerated powers are also known as __________ powers.
__________ - a system of government in which power is divided and shared between national, state, and local government.
__________ powers - powers that are not granted to the federal government that belong to (are reserved to) the states and the people (Tenth Amendment).
Articles of Confederation
The U.S. Constitution was written because of concerns about the weaknesses of the __________.
Articles of Confederation
__________ - the first constitution of the United States.
Under the Articles, the Confederation Congress did not have the power to __________.
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention believed that the country needed a __________ national government.
One example of a concurrent (shared) power is the power to levy __________.
The powers to raise an army, coin money and declare war are examples of __________ powers.
The power to set up and run schools is an example of a __________ power.
10th Amendment
__________ - "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
Necessary and proper clause
__________ - the power of Congress to make laws that they need to carry out their enumerated powers.
Bill of Rights
__________ - the first ten amendments of the U.S.Constitution.
Supremacy clause
__________ - the clause that states that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that national laws are supreme over state laws (found in Article VI).
__________ - having to do with a city or town or its government.
city or town
A municipality is a __________.
__________ shares power between the federal, or national, government and the 50 state governments.
Florida has __________ counties.
Local laws are usually called __________.
Local governments include the governments of municipalities and __________.
Florida's government is separated into how many branches?
Florida Legislature
The equivalent of the U.S. Congress in Florida is the __________.
The head of the executive branch of Florida's government is the __________.
Florida Supreme Court
The highest level of Florida's state court system is the __________.
Senate and House of Representatives
The Florida Legislature is divided into a __________.
How many senators normally serve in the Florida Senate?
4 years
How long is the term of office for a member of the Florida Senate?
What is the minimum age to be a member of the Florida Legislature?
How many representatives normally serve in the Florida House of Representatives?
2 years
How long is the term of office for a member of the Florida House of Representatives?
What is the maximum number of years someone can serve as a member of the Florida Senate?
What is the maximum number of years someone can serve as a member of the Florida House of Representatives?
Term Limit
__________ - the maximum number of terms in office a person may serve. The term limit for the Florida Senate is 2 terms and it is 4 terms for the Florida House of Representatives (8 years in each).
The "regular session" of the Florida Legislature is for __________ days each year.
To be elected governor of Florida, you must be at least _________ years old.
The governor of Florida has a term limit of __________ terms in office.