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Pursuit of Happyness


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What Chris sold
bone density scanners
Chris' son's name
Why Chris was in jail
unpaid parking tickets
Reason Chris needed to finish work early
to get in line for the homeless shelter
Where Chris and Christopher sleep after being kicked out of the motel
in the subway station
How Chris got money to repair the last scanner
He donated blood
Who Chris asked to watch the scanenr while he went into the office for information
a hippy girl
What the hippy dude thinks the scanner is
a time machine
What Chris is wearing to the job interview
jeans and t-shirt
What Chris should be wearing to a job interview
suit, shirt and tie
First thing Chris does in the interview room
shakes everybody's hand
While playing basketball, Chris tells Christopher this
Never give up on your dreams
Christopher carries his basketball in this
a plastic bag
What Chris and Christopher "see" in the subway station when the scanner becomes a time machine
What the boss borrows from Chris
five dollars
Which man took Chris and his son to the football game?
Walter Ribbon