40 terms

Vocab 1 (Mrs. Camp)

Abase (v)
to degrade, to humiliate
Aberrant (adj)
straying from the correct or normal way
Angst (n)
strong anxiety and unhappiness; a feeling of dread
Brazen (adj)
bold, shameless; impudent
Chasm (n)
a deep opening; a gorge
Circumscribe (v)
to set the limits; to restrict
Digress (v)
to stray from the topic
Draconian (adj)
hard, severe, cruel
Fickle (adj)
not loyal or consistent
Grapple (v)
to seize firmly or hold onto something, wrestle
Guise (n)
outward appearance, semblance; false appearance
Haphazard (adj)
lacking order or purpose; not planned; random
Imminent (adj)
just about to happen
Ingenue (n)
a guileless unsophisticated person
Intrepid (adj)
fearless; bold
Juxtapose (v)
to place side by side
Lackadaisical (adj)
lacking energy and vitality; languid
Loquacious (adj)
overly talkative
Magnanimous (adj)
generous; noble in spirit
Mediocre (adj)
unimpressive, ordinary, average, passable
Mollycoddle (v)
to pamper, to spoil someone with kind treatment, overindulge
Nostalgia (n)
remembrance, longing for the past, homesickness
Obstreperous (adj)
not submitting to discipline or control; boisterous; vociferous
Ostracize (v)
to exclude from a group; to shun
Palpable (adj)
capable of being touched or felt
Propensity (n)
a natural inclination or tendency; a predilection, preference
Querulous (adj)
complaining, grumbling, whining, disagreeable
Quixotic (adj)
idealistic and totally impractical
Rebuke (v)
take to task, scold, reprimand
Relegate (v)
assign to an inferior position, place, exile
Rescind (v)
to take back or make invalid; revoke
Ruminate (v)
to ponder, to reflect upon
Simper (v)
smirk; giggle; snicker; smile foolishly
Soporific (adj)
tending to cause sleep; inducing sleep
Stratagem (n)
a plan or trick to achieve something; a ruse
Sundry (adj)
various; several; miscellaneous
Sybarite (n)
a person devoted to luxury and pleasure
Tangential (adj)
not especially relevant: only slightly related to the matter at hand
Tedium (n)
the condition of being dull or wearisome; monotony; boredom
Tempestuous (adj)
marked by unrest, disturbance or stormy turbulence