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Pregnancy and birth


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the time during which a human being (or more) develop inside a woman's womb. Lasts 9 months.
Stages of pregnancy
Are divided in three trimesters.
1st trimester
The human being is called an embryo at this stage. All the organs start to develop and work except for the lungs.
2nd trimester
The human being is called a foetus at this stage. The mother can feel the foetus moving.
3rd trimester
During the final three months, the foetus grows and gains weight until it's ready to get out of the womb.
Premature babies
Human beings born before the 9 months of pregnancy
tissue that connects the embryo and the uterus
umbilical cord
Tube that connects the developing embryo or fetus to the placenta.
amniotic sac
bag in which the in which the embryo or foetus develops. AKA bag of waters.
amniotic fluid
Protective liquid contained by the amniotic sac. It defends the baby.
the act or process of bearing or bringing forth offspring
Stages of birth
Dilation, expulsion and delivery.
Widening of the vagina to prepare for childbirth. It's provoked by contractions.
The phase in which the baby is pushed through the vagina.
The stage in which the placenta is expeled out of the vagina.
fertilized egg
An organism in the earliest stage of development
scientific name for baby, recognisable human features

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