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indicative of
be a clear sign that a particular situation exists
irrespective of
have no effect on sth
commensurate with
matching something in size, quality, or length of time
preoccupied with
thinking or worrying about something too much
attentive to
listening carefully
immune to
not able to be punished or damaged by something
impervious to
indifferent, not allowing liquid to go through
indifferent to
not caring about something
prone to
likely to suffer from sth
baffled by
make sm completely unable to understand sth
detained by
prevent someone from leaving a place
distressed by
plagued by
cause worry or pain
eligible for
having the necessary qualities
implicated in
derived from
coming from sth
be in dispute over sth/with sm
be in conflict
encouter with
meet with
disregard for
showing no care or respect for sth
credit for
approval for sth
provision for
in advance
ahead of time
be in decline
become less, worse
in demand
always needed or desired
in dispute
argued about (sporny)
in distress
in trouble, in need
in favour of sth/sb
in advantage
in earnest
be in favour with sb
cieszyć się czyimiś względami
in high spirits
in great mood
in jeopardy
in danger
in recognition of sth
in reward for sth
with regard to
with respect
with a view to
with the aim of doing sth
at any rate
at fault
on behalf of sb
in sb's name
on loan
borrowed, shared
on (its) merits
based only on a person's qualities
on the verge of
very near to doing or experiencing sth
for the foreseeable future
w dającej się przewidzieć przyszłości
out of all proportion
extravagantly disproportionate