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A chart or diagram showing the days, weeks, and months of the year in order.


A fair or show with food stalls, parades, rides, and other ways to have fun.


1. Knowledge of skill that comes from having done certain things. 2. Something that happens to a person; an event in one's life. 3. To have happen to; to go through something.


To be in charge of ; to control or rule.


1. A large area of a sea or ocean that is partly enclosed by land. 2. A great distance between.


Speed in acting or moving.


Done or make quickly without careful thought.


1. A place with borders and its own leaders; a single country. 2. The people of a single country.


Of or belonging to the people of a single country.


1. To throw here and there; to spread about. 2. To move quickly in different directions.


To give in or give up; to accept defeat.


1. A feeling of joy or excitement. 2. To feel or cause to feel joy or excitement.

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