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Art History Chapter 4


refers to a distinctive handling of elements and media associated with the work of an individual artist, a school movement, or a specific culture or time period


includes not only a work of art's form but also its subject matter and its underlying means or themes

Does awareness of style, form, and content help viewers understand and appreciate the visual arts more fully?



the portrayal of people and things as they are seen by the eye or really thought to be, without idealization, without distortion


specific school of art that flowered during the mid 19th century in France

The very nature of the technique of photography suggests what?

candid truth, unadulterated reality

Representational Art

art that portrays, however altered or distorted, things perceived in the visible world


emphasizing the distortion of color and form to achieve an emotional impact

Abstract Art

a form of art characterized by simplified or distorted rendering of an object that has the essential form r nature of that object


art that doesn't portray figures of objects: art without real objects or subject matter


A 20th century style developed by Picasso and Braque that emphasizes the 2D of the canvas, characterized by multiple views of an object and the reduction of form to cubelike essentials

Psychic Automatism

a process of generating imagery through idea received from the unconscious mind and expressed in an unrestrained manner

What do some artists label their work "untitled"?

to discourage Rorschach-like readings of their work

Formalist Criticism

an approach to art criticism that concentrates primarily on the elements and design of works of art rather than on historical factors or the biography of the artist


everything that is contained in a work of art, also refers to the subject matter of a piece

The Levels of Content

1. Subject Matter
2. Elements and composition
3. Underlying or symbolic meanings or themes

Winter is the symbol of what in art?

death and aloneness

Fall is the symbol of what in art?

harvest or decline


the study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts-the figures and images that lend works their underlying meanings

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