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Neurotransmitter for Cholinergic Stimulating AGents


What does ACh stimulate

parasympathetic- preganglionic sympathetic

Where are large amts. of Ach released at

Presynaptic vesicles when voltage gated calcium channels open in response to membrane depolarization

what receptors do AcH act on ?

nictonic( neuromuscular junction of skeletal muscle, within ganglion and CNS) and muscarinic( widely distributed within both peripheral and central nervous system)

How does Direct acting Cholinergic AGonists work?

mimicks the effects of AcH

How does Choline Inhbitors work?

Prevents enzyme from hydrolyzing acethlcholine( inactivating) AcH. This inhibition permits the buildup of acetylcholine and results in more intensive and prolonged activation of the receptor site

Pilocarpine is a --- Agent

Direct Acting Cholinergic

What does Pilocarpine do?

Constricts pupil and reduces pressure caused by glaucoma

How does Pilocarpine work?

PIlocarpine constrics the ciliary muscle which permits drainage of the aqueous humor and thus relieves pressure due to a glaucoma condition

Cholinergic Blocking Agents

Cholinergic blocking agents prevents acetylcholine from stimulating the receptor site and thus act as antagonists. These compounds compete with acetylcholine for receptor sites. They do not themselves produce an excitant effect but rather limit the excitant effects of acetylcholine.

Effects of Cholinergic Blocking Agents

saliva, sweat, and gastric acid in the stomach are decreased; tone and movements of smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory bronchioles are reduced at high doses- pupils are dilated; and paralysis of eye muscles changes the shape of the lens.

Effects of cholinergic stimulation

vasodilation of blood vessels- slower heart rate;- constriction of bronchioles -increased secretion of mucus in the respiratory tracts-secretion of saliva; sweat and tears- constriction of pupils.

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