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Terms from Lesson 1 Word

Draft view

Shows only the text of a document; headers and footers, margins, columns, and graphics are not visible (WD 5).

Full Screen Reading view

Shows text on the screen in a format that is easy to read (WD 5).

Insertion point

Shows where text will appear when you begin typing (WD 5).

Landscape orientation

Documents printed in landscape orientation are wider than they are long (WD 14).

Office button

Click it to open a menu, which contains commands for working with files (WD 5).

Outline view

Displays headings and text in outline form so you can see the structure of your document and reorganize easily (WD 5).

Portrait orientation

Documents printed in portrait orientation are longer than they are wide (WD 14).

Print Layout view

Shows the view of how a document will look when it is printed (WD 5).

Print Preview

Enables you to preview a document as it will appear when printed (WD 14).

Quick Access Toolbar

Contains buttons for three common commands; you can add additional Toolbar buttons to it (WD 5).


Contains commands for working with the document, organized by tabs (WD 5).

Status bar

Displays information about the current document and process (WD 5).


A small bar that contains buttons for performing commands (WD12).

View buttons

Allow you to change views quickly (WD 5).

Web Layout view

Simulates the way a document will look when it is viewed as a Web page (WD 5).

Word processing

The use of computer software to enter and edit text (WD 3).

Word wrap

If the text you are typing extends beyond the right margin, it automatically moves to the next line (WD 6).


Use the zoom feature to magnify and reduce your document on the screen (WD 12).

Zoom slider

Allows you to increase or decrease the size of the document on-screen (WD 5).

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