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Conceptual Physics - Chapter 6 (Newton's 2nd Law) without examples

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The amount of matter that an object is made of
A push or pull on an object
Net Force
The sum or difference of all of forces acting on an object.
When an object is at its terminal velocity, it has no ____.
terminal velocity
When an object in freefall gets to its maximum speed. It has no acceleration.
the force that an object covers over how much area it's covering
frictional force
an inertial pulling force (opposite direction) on an object
normal force
A force that is put on a stable object to support it.
air resistance
A friction force that is being pushed/pulled on something moving in freefall (in the air)
The gravitational pull expressed as a number. (9.8m/s^2 or 10m/s^2)
applied force
A type of force that is put on an object by something (external force moving the box) -- a push, a pull, or a drag.

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