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what are the colors of our flag
Red white and blue
how many stars are on our flag
There are 50
what do the stars on the flag mean
50 for 50 states
What is fourth of july
Independence day
Who is our current vice president
mike pence
How many senators are there in the congress
2 per state so 100 for the whole united states
how long to do we elect each senator
It is 6 years
What do we call a change in the constitution ?
What is the minimum voting age in the united states
Who was the president during the civil war
Abraham Lincoln
How many stripes are in the flag
What do the stripes mean
13 colonies
Who wrote our national anthem
Francis Scott key
In what month do we elect the president ?
In what month is a new president inaugurated ?
What is the basic belief of the declaration of independence
All men are created equal
What is the highest court in the united states
supreme court
Which president is called the father of country
George Washington
What is the date of independence day ?
4 of July 1776
What country did we fight during revolutionary war ?
Great Britain
Who is the chief justice of the supreme court ?
John Roberts
What are the 2 major political parties in the u.s today ?
Democrats and republican
What are the duties of the executive branch of our government ?
Execute the laws
What are the duties of judicial branch ?
Interpret laws
What special group advises the president ?
What is constitution ?
Law of the land
What is the capital of your state
Who becomes president if president or vice president die
Speaker of the house
What is the bill of rights
Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly
Who elects the president of the united states
electoral college
For how long do we elects the president
4 years
Who said give me liberty or give me death ?
Patrick henry
How many terms do president serve ?
2 years
what is something granted they gave us
the right to vote
why did the Pilgrams come to america
there beliefs
what are the branches of the Government
legislative , judicial , executive
who is the main writer of of the declaration of independence
thomas Jefferson
what is the national anthem
the star bangled
what special group advises the president
what is the constitution
all men are equal
what are the duties of the executive branch
execute laws
what are the duties of the judiciary branch
explains the laws
what are the duties of the legislative branch
passing laws
what is introduced to the constitution called
to establish justice
who is the commander in the chief of the us military
the president