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Ventilation (External Respiration)

The movement of air through the conducting passages between the external environment and the lungs

Internal Respiration

The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air in the lungs and the blood in the surrounding capillaries

Cellular Respiration

The exchange of gases between tissue cells and the blood in the tissue capillaries


Membranes that cover the lungs


Medical term for "windpipe"


Medical term for "voice box"


Abbreviation for carbon dioxide, a gas that is considered a metabolic waste product that we expell through breathing


A large dome-shaped muscle that divides the thoracic and abdominal cavities. Its contraction aids the thoracic muscles in moving air through breathing passages


A lipoprotein substance that reduces the surface tension of the alveoli so they do not adhere and collapse


Thin tissued air sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse

Left Bronchus

Longer, narrow, and less vertical than the right bronchus

Right Bronchus

Shorter, wider, and more vertical than the left bronchus. Easier for particles to enter than the left side


Abbreviation for "oxygen". A gas taken from the atmosphere into the lungs. it is necessary for cellular metabolism to occur.


Long leaf-shaped structure that prevents food from entering the respiratory system


Medical term for "throat"


The opening between the vocal cords

True Vocal Cords

Consist of the lower folds of the larynx


The medical term for "normal, regular breathing"


The medical term for "difficult, labored breathing"

Tidal Volume

The amount of air moving in and out of the lungs with each breath


Hair like structures of the respiratory system that propel mucus with trapped particles toward the pharynx


The open area between the lungs that contains the heart

Upper Respiratory System

Nose, pharynx, larynx

Lower Respiratory System

Trachea, Bronchial Tree (bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli), lungs


The active phase of ventilation. Taking in air or "inhaling"


The word part meaning "diaphram"


The word part meaning "windpipe"

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