pharmacology chapter 10


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legal implications
you are accountable, you are an "agent" of the physician
seven right of drug administration
right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time, right documentation
essential medication guidelines
asepsis, allergy, confirm proper and understandable order, appearance, only you can handle drug for administration, shake, to pour liquids hold at eye level with label against palm
properly document drug administration
patient name, dob, medication and amount, route, comment about patients reaction, reason if not able to administer medication, NDC/lot # expiration date
one who acts for another, a representative
an individuals hypersensitivity to a substance
a term used to describe the convex or concave upper surface of a column of liquid in a container, crescent-shaped
dark not transparent
a substance, in the form of fine particles, that separates from solution if allowed to stand for a period of time