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Alternate key (Alt)

executes commands with other key(s)

Arrow keys

moves the insertion point in the direction indicated by the arrow on each key


deletes the character to the left of the insertion point

Caps lock

capitalizes all letters when locked down

Control key (Ctrl)

executes commands with other key(s)


removes the character to the right of the insertion point


causes the insertion point to move to the left margin and down to the next line

Escape key (Esc)

closes a software menu or dialog box

Gross Words a Minute (GWAM)

the number of standard words keyed in one minute


is the physical parts of a computer system such as the monitor, keyboard, and the hard drive

Home keys

the keys where you place your fingers to begin keying; a s d f for the left hand and j k l ; for the right hand

Keyboarding posture

the correct seating position taught when developing typing skills

Service keys

special keys that allow you to use the computer to perform specific functions

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