8th Unit 11 - Word Usage: Distinguish similar words


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Accept Ex) I hope you accept my apology.
To receive.
Except. Ex) I like every kind of ice cream except butterscotch.
"Other than" "but".
All ready. Ex) I am all ready for this test.
"Completely prepared".
Already. Ex) They already had eaten lunch.
"Before" "by this time".
All together. Ex) The students took the test all together in one room.
"in a group".
Altogether. Ex) You are altogether too modest.
"completely" "entirely".
A lot. Ex) I have much homework tonight.
"very much". Always written as two words. In formal writing, it is better to use "many" or "much".
Beside. Ex) The sneakers are beside the basketball.
"Next to".
Besides. Ex) Besides math, I like science too.
"in addition to".
Between. Ex) The treaty was signed between France and England.
Use for two things or people.
Among. Ex) The six new students discussed the schedule among themselves.
Used for three or more things or people.
Bring. Ex) Please bring the book from over there.
"To carry from a distant place to a closer one".
Take. Ex) Take this note to the office.
"carry from a nearby place to a distant one".
Choose. Ex) I usually choose mystery novels.
"to select".
Chose. Ex) Yesterday, I chose a biography.
"the past tense of choose".
In. Ex) It's best to stay in when it's thunderstorming.
Into. Ex) He chased the horses into the barn.
"an action towards the inside".
Its. Ex) The cat lost its collar.
"the possessive form of it".
It's. Ex) It's time to watch the news.
A contraction for "it is".
Lay. Ex) Lay the silverware on the table.
"to put" "to place".
Lie. Ex) I like to lie in the sun at the beach.
"recline" "be positioned".
"to receive knowledge".
"to give knowledge"
Leave. Ex) We will leave after the game ends.
"to go away".
Let. Ex) Let me carry that for you.
"to allow".
Loose. Ex) The window is loose.
"not firmly attached".
Lose. Ex) Do not lose the house key.
"to misplace" "to fail to win".
Raise. Ex) Raise your hand to speak.
"to cause to move upward".
Rise. Ex) The hot-air balloon began to rise.
"to move upward".
Set. Ex) Set that package on the floor.
"to place" "to put".
Sit. Ex) Sit in your seat after you are finished at your locker.
"to place oneself in a seated position".
Than. Ex) I am taller than my friend.
"introduces the second part of a comparison".
Then. Ex) We will see you then.
"at the time".
Their. Ex) This is their home.
"possessive form of they".
They're. Ex) They're leaving on vacation.
"contraction of they are".
Whose. Ex) Whose striped sock is this?
"possessive form of who".
Who's. Ex) Who's knocking on the door.
"contraction of who is".
There. Ex) We traveled to New York City and stayed there seven days.
"in, at, or to that place or position".
Can. Ex) We can finish this Monday.
"indicates ability".
May. Ex) It may rain today.
"permission" "possibility".
Fewer. Ex) There were fewer snowfalls this winter.
"use with nouns that can be counted".
Less. Ex) There was less traffic tonight.
"Use less with nouns that cannot be counted".
Formally. Ex) They formally signed a contract.
"adverb form of formal and means 'according to certain form'".
Formerly. Ex) I was formerly a pro-soccer player.
"in times past".
Precede. Ex) Refreshments will precede the recital.
"to go or come before".
Proceed. Ex) Please proceed with your question.
"To continue".
Quiet. Ex) All was quiet after the storm.
"calm" "motionless".
Quite. Ex) Alex was not quite finished with his chores.
"completely" "entirely".
Theirs. Ex) Those batons are theirs.
"that or those belonging to them".
There's. Ex) There's time to play another game.
Contraction of "there is".
To. Ex) I'm going to the doctor.
"in the direction of".
Number 2
"also" or "excessively". That was too sweet.
Where at
In formal writing, don't use "at" after "where". Where are my music books? (not Where are my music books at?)
Your. Ex) This looks like your writing.
Possessive personal form of "you".
You're. Ex) You're just the person I wanted to see.
Contraction of "you are".

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