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Ch. 8: Emotions

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1. Physiological approach
-emotions are biologically based
-they are extinctual (no control) and universal
-something happens and you have a physical response
* James-Lange View/ Organismic view
2. Perceptual influences on emotion
-evaluates it, subjective perception
-"not the end of the world"
-Appraisal view of emotions- you appraise what is happening & your subjective perception counts the most
3. Social influences on emotion
>Interactive view of emotions:
-we learn how to feel from other people/ social interaction
-it's through social interactions that we learn how to feel
>Feeling/ Framing rules
-rules that tell us which emotions are appropriate to the situation
*the pinch: discrepancy you feel when you're not feeling what you think is the right emotion
ex: laughing at a funeral, laughing when something bad happens to someone you don't like
-emotion work refers to our efforts to generate what we think are the right emotions for the situation through primary avenues:
1) we talk to ourselves (self-talk)
2) we talk to our friends
-Success not always guaranteed but we try
(Daniel Coleman)

1. in touch with emotions
2. know how to manage their emotions instead of being overcome by them
3. don't let setbacks & disappointments derail them
4. strong sense of empathy for others
- know other people are feeling without having to spell it out
5. have a strong yet realistic sense of optimism
-they see broken world (not denying it) but in spite of that, hope for good things to happen
-expect best in people