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  1. The social scientist who criticized the theory of Lawrence Kohlberg and developed an alternative theory on the development of morality based on personal relationships was _______.
  2. As a third grader, Henry is reading stories about the American Revolution and how the early Americans were willing to fight to gain their freedom. According to conflict theorists, Henry is learning not only to read, but is also being taught lessons in patriotism and democracy. These lessons would be referred to by conflict theorists as _______.
  3. The typical patterns of a group, such as its usual relationships between men and women or students and teachers, is referred to as ______.
  4. The term ________ refers to the extent to which different studies come up with similar or consistent results.
  5. What term applies to the stages people pass through from birth to death, beginning with childhood and concluding with the older years?
  1. a The life course
  2. b Part of the hidden curriculum in U.S. schools
  3. c Carol Gilligan
  4. d Reliability
  5. e Social structure

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  1. They were among the first faculty members in the sociology department at the University of Chicago
  2. Analyzing the data incorrectly
  3. Cultural leveling
  4. Socialization
  5. External influences

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  1. Although formal education is intended to transmit knowledge and skills, it unintentionally teaches students that the same rules apply to everyone. This universality reflects what sociologists describe as _______.A driver signaling a right turn with his direction signals


  2. Although supplied by the university, many professors refused to learn how to use the computer. Others would save data to their hard drive or on floppy disks but would also make a paper copy to file away. Such behavior is an example of ________.Charles Horton Cooley


  3. Individuals who are approximately the same age, linked by common interests, and include classmates and the kids in the neighborhood are most appropriately referred to as _______.Peers


  4. People all over the world, especially college students are breaking down national boundaries because of advances in communication, trade, and travel. This is referred to as...Status symbols


  5. Bob's football coach is a very important influence in his life. Many of Bob's actions are attempts to win the approval of his coach. Mead would suggest that the coach is one of Bob's _______.Participant observation and survey