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  1. Which group of social theorists would focus most on macro-level analysis when examining patterns of society?
  2. What is the defining characteristic of a representative sample?
  3. Milo, a highly successful attorney, just received a $200 ticket for speeding. Jim, an unemployed father of six, received a $50 fine for parking in a restricted area. Milo considers his $200 ticket an inconvenience, but Jim sees his $50 fine as a financial disaster. Why do Milo and Jim feel so differently about their fines, even though Milo's is four times greater?
  4. Bumper sticker such as Proud Parent of an Honor Student and Warning: This Driver Convicted of DUI are both best described as being ______.
  5. Frank is the son of a middle class family. He took the family car without permission last night, returning home at 3 AM with the smell of alcohol on his breath. It is most likely, based on the research of Kohn, that the next day Frank's parents will _______.
  1. a Their location in the social structure is what has created the difference between Milo's and Jim's reaction.
  2. b Status symbols
  3. c Each person in the population of interest has an equal chance of being chosen.
  4. d Conflict theorists and structural functionalists
  5. e Suspend Frank's driving privileges for a month and discuss with Frank the dangers of drinking and driving

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  1. Latent function
  2. Auguste Comte
  3. Quantative methods
  4. Cultural Lag
  5. Karl Marx

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  1. The anthropologist recognized for his work on personal space was ______.Self


  2. Although supplied by the university, many professors refused to learn how to use the computer. Others would save data to their hard drive or on floppy disks but would also make a paper copy to file away. Such behavior is an example of ________.The life course


  3. Another term used for the stage of development called transitional adulthood which is between the ages of 18 and 29 is _______.Adultolescence


  4. Which of the following research errors is less prone to being classified as fraud and more likely to be considered as simply sloppy work?Analyzing the data incorrectly


  5. College provides a haven for several million potential workers who are classified as students rather than unemployed which helps stabilize the job market, an unintended consequence. This situation represents what Merton would describe as a...They are all members of subcultures