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  1. According to Piaget, when children are capable of abstract thinking they have reached the stage of development called the _______.
  2. What was the result of research on mother-child bonding based on hours per week children spent in daycare?
  3. Which group of social theorists would focus most on macro-level analysis when examining patterns of society?
  4. Functionalists refer to how parts of a society fit together to form a whole as ________.
  5. The notion that only the fittest members of society deserve to survive and that social programs to help the poor will ultimately weaken the social order is a doctrine known as...
  1. a Structure
  2. b Conflict theorists and structural functionalists
  3. c As the number of hours in day care increased, the weaker the bond between mother and child.
  4. d Social Darwinism
  5. e Formal operation stage

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  1. Analyzing the data incorrectly
  2. Reasoning skills
  3. Sterotyping
  4. Physcoanalysis
  5. External influences

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  1. Signs that identify a position in society someone occupies are referred to as ______.Status symbol


  2. Why did Mario Brajuha refuse to turn over his research notes to the authorities, even when subpoenaed?He wanted to protect his respondents


  3. What concept do sociologists have in mind when they say society makes us human?Socialization


  4. What two sociological perspectives are most linked to macrosociology?No single perspective is best, all three must be utilized


  5. Using police records, crime reports, and economic reports, Max will test his hypothesis that unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than men who are employed. He will most likely use a form of ________ analysis to test his hypothesis.Quantative