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  1. stanazol
  2. short-acting insulin
  3. prostaglandins (used for)
  4. gonadorelin (GnRH) (side effects)
  5. gonadorelin (GnRH)
  1. a treat of pyometra, cause abortion, induce partruition
  2. b anabolic steroid
  3. c anaphylaxis
  4. d used initially to treat diabetic ketoacidosis and control blood glucose in emergency situations
  5. e gonadotropin

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  1. progesterone
  2. hyper/hypoglycemia, PU/PD, vomiting, diarrhea
  3. reproductive organ problems (vulvovaginitis), behavior changes
  4. androgenic compound (testosterone)
  5. edema, electrolyte imbalance; use with caution in animals with cardiovascular and renal disease

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  1. selegiline (used for)used to destroy part of the adrenal cortex in treatment of hyperadrenocorticism due to adrenocortical tumors


  2. thyroid hormones (functions)in cows to reduce embryonic death, to block estrus in the dog, treatment of behavior disorders and some forms of dermatitis


  3. Glargineintermediate acting insulin, better results in cats


  4. mineralocorticoidsandrogenic compound (testosterone)


  5. ketoconazoleantifungal that also blocks the enzymes needed to produce steroid compounds; used to treat hyperadrenocorticism