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  1. cloprostenol sodium
  2. estrogens (side effects)
  3. anabolic steroids (mechanism)
  4. danazol (used for)
  5. selegiline
  1. a treatment of IMHA
  2. b build muscle, decrease fat, reverse tissue breakdown
  3. c monoamine oxidase inhibitor; increases synthesis and release of dopamine
  4. d prostaglandin (cows only)
  5. e bone marrow suppression, endometrial hyperplasia, follicular cyst formation, pyometra, aplastic anemia

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  1. synthetic isomer of T4, drug of choice for treating hypothyroidism
  2. anabolic steroid
  3. pyometra, mammary changes, behavior changes
  4. pork based insulin used in dogs and cats
  5. produces estrus and ovulation within a few days in cown and horses, follicle stimulant

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  1. methimazoleantifungal that also blocks the enzymes needed to produce steroid compounds; used to treat hyperadrenocorticism


  2. estradiol cypionateprogesterone


  3. diazoxide (mechanism)blocks excess hormone production in the thyroid; interferes with the incorporation of iodine in the molecules of T3 and T4


  4. miboleronechemical substance produced by cells in one part of the body and transported to another part of the body where it influences and regulates cellular activity and organ function


  5. insulin (mechanism)promotes the uptake and utilization of glucose for energy in body cells, and storage of glucose in the liver as glycogen (lowers blood glucose)