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  1. gonadorelin (GnRH) (side effects)
  2. glucagon (mechanism)
  3. desoxycorticosterone (mechanism)
  4. mitotane (used for)
  5. long-acting insulin
  1. a used to destroy part of the adrenal cortex in treatment of hyperadrenocorticism due to adrenocortical tumors
  2. b maintains a long lasting blood level, insulin of choice for cats
  3. c promotes the breakdown of liver glycogen into glucose (raises blood glucose)
  4. d controls the rate of protein synthesis
  5. e anaphylaxis

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  1. diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism
  2. hyperglycemia, adrenal cortex suppression
  3. act as catalysts in the body and affect many metabolic, growth, reproductive, and immune functions; regulate lipid and carbohydrate metabolism; affect heat production in the body
  4. correction of urinary incontinence, vaginitis, and dermatitis in dogs that have had their ovaries removed
  5. blocks excess hormone production in the thyroid; interferes with the incorporation of iodine in the molecules of T3 and T4

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  1. long-acting insulin (duration of action)dogs - 6 to 24 hrs, cats - 4 to 12 hrs


  2. mibolerone (used for)to prevent estrus in adult female dogs not intended for breeding, treatment of false pregnancies (do not use in cats)


  3. anabolic steroids (mechanism)build muscle, decrease fat, reverse tissue breakdown


  4. thyroid stimulating hormone (used for)used in the diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism


  5. pregnant mare serumgonadotropin; hormone that comes from a pregnant mare's endometrium