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  1. ACTH stimulation test (used for)
  2. boldenone
  3. hormonal implants (used for)
  4. zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine should not be used in:
  5. mibolerone (used for)
  1. a increase feed efficiency and weight gain in beef cattle
  2. b to prevent estrus in adult female dogs not intended for breeding, treatment of false pregnancies (do not use in cats)
  3. c cryptorchid animals, animals with testicular disease, animals with scrotal irritation
  4. d anabolic steroid
  5. e diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism

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  1. blocks the release of LH from the anterior pituitary gland by negative feedback
  2. produces estrus and ovulation within a few days in cown and horses, follicle stimulant
  3. intermediate acting insulin
  4. treat follicular cysts in cattle, for estrus synchronization in cattle, to induce estrus in small animals
  5. help regulate nutrient levels in the blood, stimulate liver cells to produce glucose from amino acids and fat; ex: cortisol

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  1. regular crystallinemonoamine oxidase inhibitor; increases synthesis and release of dopamine


  2. long-acting insulin (duration of action)40 u/mL or 100 u/mL


  3. signs of insulin overdoselethargy, weakness, ataxia, potential seizures


  4. glucagon (mechanism)promotes the breakdown of liver glycogen into glucose (raises blood glucose)


  5. mibolerone (side effects)reproductive organ problems (vulvovaginitis), behavior changes