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Why would you choose Word Art rather than a colored font when creating a Google Slides presentation
word art lets you customize the look more
why would you want to hyperlink objects into your own Google Slides presentation
so students can use the slides for review and go to additional resources, make presentation more graphically appealing, and for extending the learning experience for students
How is Google Play for Education store different from the regular Play store?
You see teacher reviewed content
Play for Schools offers which benefits to educators?
domain admin can install apps, android apps ava. on select chromebooks, and app permissions reviewed by domain admin for student safety
which of the following Teacher Tips would NOT be helpful when trying to select content from Google Play for Education store?
"This app is NOT available in the Google Play Store"
You've been asking students to watch short videos for homework instead of reading the textbook. Students seem to be prepared for class, but you're wondering how many of your students are actually watching the videos. Which of the sharing options may help you gauge the compliance of your class by allowing you to incorporate comprehension questions.
Embed the video in a Google Form
As a preventative for sub plans and a video, you share the video by..
embedding the video in a Google slide deck
You Tube filters that help narrow searches
lengths, playlists and channels
Effective ways to use/plan lessons with You Tube (especially if internet is slow)
preload videos and change the resolution
Settings and controls within You Tube are built to help optimize viewing experience
subtitles, CC, restricted mode, quality settings, and view modes
The advantage of using playlists over a list of links in Google Docs
you can quickly add a video to a playlist directly form within You Tube without having to also open Google Doc, playlists continually play all of the videos in a row, and students can save your playlist to their You Tube channel too.
You found a channel with content continually relevant to your curriculum, What You Tube feature should you use to be notified when new content is uploaded to that channel?
subscriptions and notifications
Where can you find video resources from professional speakers who record and share their own public performances
You Tube
When you allow students to web browse on sites that are teacher approved/gathered on a shared Google Doc, students are...
following the contemporary skills of: communication and collaboration
To ensure cyber safety (ensure that information is not saved in their Chrome browser when they are done working in the computer lab each day)
use an incognito window and clear browsing history
Which of the following tools are part of G Suite for Education, and thus covered by the G Suite for Education Terms of Service?
Google Sites & Google Drive
When trying to select the right tool to integrate into your class, you should always start with:
the learning goal
When advising parents on how to teach their children to be safe on-line- the two main points would be:
respect yourself and others and do everything you can to protect yourself
What are some benefits of using online resources in curriculm
updated content, content can be engaged with to extend learning and it can be linked to related content
Rather than just reading about a location in a textbook, a great tool to help visualize a location and consider its impact on history would be:
Google Maps
What two stand=out collaborative features of Google Docs help facilitate group work?
Real-time editing and commenting
Which of the following can help improve the success of a collaborative learning experience?
setting clear expectations, aligning to the learning goals, ensuring everyone the opportunity to participate and choosing the best digital tool for the job
What feature allows you to view all of the changes made by editors on a Google Doc?
Version history
Collaboration digitally can be difficult, what steps can you take to help students be ore successful during collaborative activities?
organize and plan ahead, set expectations ahead of time, and align the purpose of the task to the learning goal
What is an example of an asynchronous discussion?
a Google Group web forum where students participate at various times throughout the day
When a teacher gives a collaborative research project to busy students they can utilize?
Video Hangouts, Google Docs comments and Google Groups web forum
Student panel discussions are one way to raise awareness about cyberbully and how to cope with it. What makes these types of events so powerful?
Students get to tell the stories in their own voice
A students comes to you because she's worried she just replied to an email and signed into a site that didn't seem legitimate. How would you advise her?
Change her password, clear her browsing history and delete the email
Why is p@s5uuRd a better password than 53psuurd?
It has upper case letters, symbols, longer and numbers and letters are interspersed
Compare how cyberbullying is the same as more traditional bullying in schools.
both types of bullying hurt and students can be given skills to cope with both types of bullies
Why is resilience important to develop in your students?
Because, they will eventually have a negative experience online
Features of Google Calendar that can help improve organization as an educator:
public setting for improved communication, email notifications of events, shared calendars and invite colleagues to events
How can you invite someone else to an event you've created on Google Calendar?
Enter their email address in the Add Guests field
In the new version of Google Calendar, which ways are there to view a calendar?
Day view, week view, month view, and year view
Google Tasks integrate well with which other apps?
Google Calendar and Gmail
Although you can add dates and reminders to both Google Tasks and Google Keep notes, why would you choose to use Google Keep?
You can add photos and it can st location-based reminders
What tool would help a student search more efficiently?
Search filters
Extensions are best defined as:
tools for viewing and interacting with webpages
An essential skill today is knowing how to cite sources properly. Creative Commons has a system of licenses and tools for creators to retain copyright while allowing others to:
copy, distribute, and remix work
By signing into Chrome, which of the following can by synced t the browser?
Bookmarks, Recent browsing history and apps/extensions
A digitally literate person must be able to find, evaluate , use and communicate information digitally. Which of the following tools help facilitate and enhance digital literacy?
Google Search and Google Scholar
When evaluating the validity of a website beyond its URL, you can practice the Rule of 3 which means:
Compare 3 sources of information about the topic
In regards to Google Sheets - Which formula would be used to calculate the average scores in a column D?
A teacher uses Google Sheet to track grades. She uses these columns: A: Name, B: Assignment, C: Date, D: Score and E: Standard Addressed. What could this teacher use to add data to her Google Sheet more easily?
Google Forms
A teacher wants to share the results with another teacher, but not allow the teacher to alter the data. Which choices can be used?
Protected range and protected sheet
Google Forms are most helpful in which types of tasks?
Classroom quick checks and measure student progress over time
Which function would provide a teacher a compressed list of the standards she has assessed?
=unique (E.E)
Comparing the line graph and pie chart feature set, which of the following is accurate for both?
both can be shared publicly, both can pull data from multiple sources and both can be customized
One way to use Google Classroom to flip your classroom is by:
Sharing videos and readings as announcements in Classroom stream for students to view prior to coming to class.
A teacher wants her students to provide honest, but constructive feedback to their peers regarding their performance in a theater production rehearsal. If this was her goal, why would the teacher have unchecked some of the Form Settings options?
to keep it annonymous
For each assignment in Google Classroom students must attach a file or link in order for the assignment to be marked as Done
If you want to advise simple changes to student work (such as adding a comma), but do not want to directly edit the document, you could take advantage of this feature in Docs:
Suggested Edit
You want to add students to our Classroom Class. If you cannot send them an email invitation because Gail is disabled for your school's domain, how can you enroll them?
Share a unique class code
A teacher creates a meeting when everyone is available. He then remembers he also needs to book a meeting room. He clicks the ROOMS link to see what resources are avai. at that time. What should he click next to see only avai. rooms?
Include unavailable rooms
How might you use Google Hangouts to improve your classroom experience for all involved in student learning?
connect with other teachers to collaborate and lesson plan from different schools or districts, conduct parent/teacher conferences, coach a student when they are home sick, and interview a professional in the field students are studying
Benefits of leveraging Google Groups to Communicate:
Groups is built for large group communication, a unique email address unifies all members of the group, interact via web or email, and member permissions can be adjusted
If you have a student who is a second language learner- whose parents only speak their primary language at home -and needs special interventions because they are struggling in your class. You'll want to use _________ in ___ to communicate the necessary intervention steps with them.
The translation feature in Gmail
Download and or activate the Gmail mobile app on your smartphone to...
be available for important emails - even when you're away from your computer
Creating an instant messaging group in Hangouts allows students to..
work together, effectively communicate, and shares the responsibility of supporting students (so teacher doesn't have to do all of it)
What are some features available in Google Sites (new) to hlep customize the site?
Embedded You Tube Videos, Page Navigation and Image uploads
As teachers switch over to Google Drive... these tidbits may be helpful to know in regards to their various files
Microsoft Office files can be uploaded and edited in Drive, Resource documents saved as PDFs can be save in Drive, and Images and video files can be stored and shared in Drive
Since Google, and Google Drive, is an internet enabled app, there is no way to access your Google Drive files when your computer down not have access to the internet... T/F
You have an informative Google Doc for your school. You want them to see it for a meeting, and then use its information for future situations. What sharing setting should you set for the doc?
Anyone with the link can view
Students are going to be working on a project together. How can they add collaborators to their Google Doc?
Under the blue "Share" button, under the File menu> "Share", and (From Drive) Select the files > "Shares"
What are good uses of Google Forms in the classroom
Quizzes, assessments, gather research data and surveys
Why would you want to have people fill out a Google Form rather than simply sharing a Google Doc with them to collect their responses?
Various formats of questions, you can use the response section in forms to see graphic breakdown of all responses an and responses are saved in a Google Sheet and the results are easier to see
Which of the following online resources could you use when you want to search for how to do something with a Google tool?
Google search, Google Help Center and Google for Education Help forum
If you want to contribute your expertise to a community of educators doing similar tasks as you, which of the following would you use?
Google for Education Help Forums and Google Educator Groups
Which of the following area reasons you might join a Google Educator Group?
Connect with other educators using Google tools with their students, you'd like to plan socials events for people to share how they use Google tools for learning, you'd like to get new ideas from other educators in your area, and to share the amazing things happening in your classroom with educators
Which online group or location would be the best place to post a question so that other educators who already use Google for Educations tools can help answer?
Google for Educatiton Help Forums
Go to the Google for Education Directory and search for a Google for Education Partner located in Miami. Who is this partner?
Tiger Direct Business
Primarily refers to individuals....
Google for Education Certified Trainers and Google for Education Certified Innovators
If your school uses G-Suite for Education, the max number of participants in Hangout is...
How can students join a Classroom class?
By joining using a class code

By accepting a teacher's invitation
Using Classroom, teachers can:
Send assignments, questions, and announcements to students

Add co-teachers to classes

Moderate online discussions
If teachers don't have Classroom available as a choice but want to communicate at scale with their students, they can:
Create Contact groups to easily send emails and share documents
With Classroom, you can: (Select all that apply.)
Upload class materials

Assign and collect student work

Send announcements to your class
In Classroom, you can add the following to your assignment:
files, links and videos
When adding a Drive document to a Classroom assignment, you have the following options:
Students can edit file

Make a copy for each student

Students can view file
When creating an assignment in Google Classroom, which of the following choices are available?
Attaching multiple files

Copying the assignment to multiple classes
Which feature limits the type of data that can be entered into a cell?
Data Validation
Which app allows you to analyze data?
Google Sheets
Which function ignores duplicates in a list and returns a single instance of each item?
Google Forms are most helpful in which types of tasks?
Classroom quick checks

Measure student progress over time
Comparing the line graph and pie chart feature set, which of the following is accurate for both?
Both can be shared publicly.

Both can pull data from multiple sources.

Both can be customized.
The three 'search smart' basics are:
Choosing the right search terms
Understanding search results
Narrowing a search to get the best results
Which of the following is not a modifier used to narrow results in a search?
What are some essential points to consider when evaluating the validity of a website?
Ask yourself what opinions or ideas are missing

Consider who published the information

Look at the domain extension for the site
In order to create engaging Google slides you can:
Include links on slides to relevant information

Use shapes and lines to direct the viewers attention to essential information

Include images with captions
Which of the following are filter options in the Chrome Web Store?
Runs Offline

Works with Drive

How can an educator share their experience using the Chrome Web Store
Write a review

Give it a star rating
Which of the following G Suite apps have YouTube integration built in? (Select all that apply.)
Google Classroom

Google Slides

Google Forms

Google Sites
Which of the following are filters that can be applied to a YouTube video search?
Channel and playlist
Which feature allows you to access all your subscriptions, playlists, and saved playlists from other users?
The Guide
Which of the following are benefits of a playlist? (Select all that apply)
Allows teachers to makes notes about each video

Allows teachers to share a group of videos at once

Allows teachers to organize videos by topic
Which video quality setting should you try if you are having a difficult time getting a video to load?
Which of the following are benefits to using full screen mode when presenting a video to a classroom of students?
Easier to read captions (if enabled)

Decreased distraction

Easier for students to see
Gmail Tasks allow for which of the following?
Multiple task lists
With a Google Keep note, a user can:
Add pictures to notes

Color code notes as needed

Remind the user of when an item needs to be addressed
In order for a task to appear on a specific date in your Google Calendar, you must:
Assign the task a due date
How can technology help motivate collaboration in the classroom for all students?
Some students who are reluctant to speak up in class, have found a new voice when given digital tools
To access and review the revisions in a Google Doc:
Click the File menu, then select See revision history
If Johnny accidentally deleted a paragraph of his partner's essay, how can he restore those revisions back into the doc?
From the revision history, locate and select the revision, then select Restore this revision
Why is revision history an important feature to utilize during group activities?
To keep students accountable

To allow the teacher to assess the work of each student individually

To help students track their progress
Why is revision history an important feature to utilize during group activities?
To keep students accountable

To allow the teacher to assess the work of each student individually

To help students track their progress
Which product allows you to create to-do lists shared with many people?
Google Keep
Mrs. Raney, a high school teacher, has assigned her English II students a collaborative research project on American authors. Her students are very active in extracurricular activities and struggle with finding time to work together after school. Which tool would help her students collaborate outside of class?
Video Hangouts

Google Docs comments

Google Groups web forum
How should you handle cyberbullies?
Document their interaction

Do not respond