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Test #1 Federal Constitution

What was our nation's first Constitution?
Articles of Confederation
On what date was our nation's Constitution signed?
17 September 1787
Where did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Who was the presiding officer of the
Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
Who is said to be the "Father of the Constitution"?
James Madison
How many members are there in the United States House of Representatives?
How many seats does Illinois currently have in the US House of Representatives?
What is the term of office for the US House of Representatives?
2 years
What is the minimum number of Electoral Votes needed in order to become President?
How many members are there in the United States Senate?
What is the term of office for a US Senator?
6 years
What day does Congress begin its term?
January 3rd
What is the primary duty of the Legislative Branch?
Make Laws
How long must a candidate for President be a citizen of the United States?
Must be Natural Born
How do we determine the number of the electoral votes a state receives?
Number of seats in Congress
(House + Senate = Electoral Votes)
What is the term of office for a President?
4 years
What is the maximum number of years a person may serve as President of the US?
10 years
At noon on what date does the President take office?
January 20th
How many electoral votes are there total?
Who takes over is something happens to the President...
Vice President
In order to be a President of the United States, a candidate must be at least _____ years old.
35 years old
Who lives in the White House?
The President
Which has a minimum age of 25 years old to be elected?
US House of Representatives
Which has a minimum age of 30 years old to be elected?
US Senate
Who is the Commander in Chief of the military?
Has veto power over all legislation passed by Congress
Has the sole power to try impeachment cases?
US Senate
Has a Speaker as the presiding officer
US House of Representatives
Primary function is to pass bills into laws
Has the sole power of impeachment
US House of Representatives
Most Presidential appointment are approved by the
Who is required to give the State of the Union address?
What is the primary duty of the Executive Branch?
Enforce or Execute the laws
How many members are there to the President's Cabinet?
Who is the Current President of the US
Donald J. Trump
Who are the US Senators for Illinois
Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth
Who is the current Vice President
Mike Pence
Who is the Representative of Illinois' 15th District
John Shimkus
Who is the current Speaker of the House
Paul Ryan
Who is the current President Pro-Tempore of the Senate
Orrin Hatch
Who is the current US Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson
Who was the first President to be impeached
Andrew Johnson
Who was the last President to be impeached
William "Bill" Clinton
Who is the only President to resign is position
Richard Nixon
What do we call a proposed law
a bill
After a bill is introduced into one of the houses of Congress, the bill is sent to the
appropriate standing committee
Before a law can be sent to the President it must go through a
Conference Committee to work out differences
What is it called when a President holds a bill for 10 days w/o action and Congress is not in session?
Pocket Veto
An amendment to the Federal Constitution is ratified when _____ of the state legislatures approve.
Richland County is in what Congressional District?
Illinois 15th
Which is considered to be the Highest Court in the land?
US Supreme Court
Who appoints all Federal Court Judges?
the President
How many justices are supposed to sit on the US Supreme Court?
(1 Chief and 8 associate)
Which Federal Courts act as regular trial courts?
US District Court
Who has the right to admit new states in to the Union?
The term of office for a Federal Court justice is
An amendment may be proposed when _____ of both houses of Congress deem it necessary.
Which amendment gives citizens the right to keep and bare arms?
What amendment outlawed slavery?
The President is limited to two terms or a maximum of 10 years by which amendment?
According to the ____ amendment, you do not have to testify against yourself in a court of law.
What amendment says a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice?
5th (Double Jeopardy)
What amendment guarantees the right to a trial by jury in all civil cases where the damages exceed $20?
Which of the amendments deals with Presidential succession?
This amendment guarantees the right to a peaceful assembly.
What amendment changed the dates by which congress and the President begin their terms of office?
Which amendment states that the accused has the right to be confronted by the witnesses against them?
What amendment outlawed the sale of liquor?
Which amendment made a tax based on a persons income legal?
Which amendment repealed prohibition?
What amendment gave women the right to vote?
Which amendment gave 18 years old the legal voting age?
Elastic Clause
Allows for the expansion of the Constitution without changing its language
The drawing of district boundaries for political advantage.
Establishment Clause
Declares that government can't take actions that create an official religion
Judicial Review
Allows the Supreme Court to review lower court cases.
Refers to a two house legislature
The minimum number of members needed to conduct business
Due Process
Government must follow guidelines to protect individual rights.
Double Jeopardy
You cannot be tried twice for the same crime
Actually changes the language of the constitution.
The people of a particular geographic area represented by a law making body
The General Election is held on...
The first Tuesday following the first Monday in November during even numbered years.