10 terms

Science Ch 1

First week of school
variable that is not changed in an experiment
Sample that is treated like other expiremental groups except that the independent variable is not applied to it
Dependent Variable
Factor that is being measured during an experiment
Descriptive Research
Answers scientific questions through observations
Expirimental Research
Used to answer scientific questions by testing a hypothosis through the use of a series of controlled steps
Prediction of statement that can be tested and may be performed by prior knowledge, any previous observasion and new info
Independent Variable
Variable that can be changed during an expiriment
Proscecesess used to investigate what is happening around us in order to solve problems or answer questions part of everyday life
Scientific Method
Ways to solve problems that can include step-by-step plans making modles and carefully thought out ideas
Application of science to make usefull products and tools such as computers