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The monomer units present in a lipid
Fatty acids and glycerine
The chemical difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids have no double bonds and unsaturated fatty acids have one or more double bonds. Saturated has more H atoms, unsaturated deduces H atoms and puts kinks into strands. Not able to solidify.
The part of the lipid molecule which defines its properties
The fatty acids
The type of reaction which occurs when glycerol and fatty acids join together to form a lipid
The name of the linkage or bond between glycerol and the fatty acids in a lipid
Ester bonds (-O-) are formed between an -OH group (Hydroxyl and Glycerol) on the glycerol molecule
The structural difference between a triglyceride and a phospholipid
Triglycerides have three fatty acid tails and phospholipids have two tails. Phospholipids have a phosphate group in the head, Triglycerides have a glycerol head