10 terms


Which of the following is the Arabic term that stands for one's inner struggle against the forces of ungodliness?
NOT: heterophobia
Fear of and prejudice against homosexuality is called:
conflict perspective
Which sociological perspective has influenced the creation of the feminist perspective the most?
opening a door for a female
Which of the following would be an example of men traditionally "doing masculinity"?
functionalist perspective
Although it does not explicitly endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit?
NOT: instrumentality
Which of the following terms is used by Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales to refer to concern for the maintenance of harmony and the internal emotional affairs of the family?
2 more weeks
In a year, Arlie Hochschild concluded women work how much more time compared to men due to the notion of second shift?
Patricia Hill Collins
Which sociologist coined the term "matrix of domination?"
all of these
Which of the following have impacted the debate in the U.S. over a woman's right to have an abortion?
Which sociological perspective views the closure of clinics that would perform abortions in rural areas another instance of an extra financial burden and possible deterrent for lower income women to have an abortion due to the extra expense of traveling to an out-of-town clinic as their best option?