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hospice care

Which practice was first introduced in London, England in the 1960s?

NOT: functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective asks whether by endorsing physician-assisted suicide, we are devaluing the disabled through an acceptance of their premature death?

the honeymoon phase

Rudy, who has just retired from his longtime job as a corporate executive, is enjoying the freedom that his post-working years afford him, and he is spending a lot of time doing the traveling that he never had the time to do before. According to Robert Atchley, he is in which stage of retirement?

active euthanasia.

A son sees his elderly father slowly dying in severe pain with no chance of recovery. The son gives his father a lethal injection to put him out of his pain and misery. This would be an example of:

interactionist perspective

Which sociological perspective notes that among those elderly who decline in their mental capacities, deterioration is most rapid in old people who withdraw from social relationships and activities?

activity theory

Which theory of aging stresses the fact that old people have essentially the same need for social interaction as middle-aged people?

all of these

An "appropriate death" in Western societies entails:

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Which sociologist noted that dying people pass through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance on their journey to death?

NOT: Texas

Which of the following states has the highest percentage of elderly persons?


Of those who voted in the 2008 presidential election; 18% were under the age of 30; what percentage of people who voted were over the age of 60?

NOT: 1973

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) was founded in:

NOT: Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Which of the following individuals has led a crusade to legalize physician-assisted suicides?

Labeling theory

Which sociological approach would most likely view old age as a "master status" that has consequences for how the elderly are treated in the United States?

all of these

AARP has endorsed:

elderly people passing social roles on from one generation to another ensure social stability.

The functionalist perspective maintains that:

NOT: death of the elderly population.

A key threat to the survival of NORCs is:

if we live long enough, we will all become members of this minority.

In analyzing the elderly as a minority, one crucial difference between older people and other subordinate groups is that:


Approximately what percent of the world's population is age 65 and older?


SAGE was established in 1977 to address the concerns of elderly:

the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

The emergence of a collective consciousness by the elderly is illustrated by the establishment of the:

prejudicial and discriminatory behavior directed against the elderly.

Ageism is defined as the:


Which country is considered "the oldest" compared to the U.S. from statistics available in 2006?

NOT: all of these, discriminating against elderly people.

Federal courts have upheld the practice of:

all of these

In a study of the treatment of the elderly in 41 nonindustrialized societies, Anthony Glascock found that:

NOT: development of a more realistic view of the retirement process.,
development of a realistic view of retirement alternatives.

In Robert Atchley's conceptualization of the retirement process, the "near phase" refers to the:

none of these. The size of a NORC can vary.

Typically, a NORC is:


Morrie Schwartz was a college professor at Brandeis University who taught:

all of these

Compared with heterosexuals, elderly homosexuals have special concerns that include:

interactionist theory of aging, which argues that elderly people who remain active will be best-adjusted.

Activity theory is a (an):

Robert Atchley

Which sociologist created a seven-stage theory of the retirement process?

NOT: all of these

According to Daniel Levinson:


According to which theoretical perspective do social roles remain relatively unchanged, as people age?

NOT: The status of age is not socially constructed much like race or gender.

Which of the following is correct regarding age?

NOT: people aged 65 and older.

The terms "old old" and "oldest old" would refer to:

activity theory

Marilyn, who has worked as a research scientist for 40 years, voluntarily retires at 64 years of age. However, she is in good health and spends most of her time hiking, doing volunteer work at a local hospital, and dating many of the eligible men in her community. Marilyn's behavior reflects which sociological theory?

NOT: Robert Atchley.

Completing unfinished business, such as settling insurance and legacy matters, restoring harmony to social relationships, and saying farewell to family and friends, are all tasks of the dying, according to:

NOT: can be an asset for employers.

In 1991, researchers found that older workers:

all of these

An "appropriate death" in Western societies entails:

adults try to meet the competing demands of their parents and their own children.

The sandwich generation occurs when:

disengagement theory

A salesperson in his mid sixties is told by his peers, his family, and his boss that it is about time to retire and reap the fruits of his longtime career and his well-endowed pension fund. He eventually gives in to their persistent pressure. This is consistent with:

NOT: a type of nursing home.

A NORC is:

NOT: conflict theory of aging, which argues that society and the aging individual mutually sever many of their relationships.

Disengagement theory is a:

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