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Why did the growth of large monarchical states in the rest of Europe lead to problems for Italy?
The kings of large states could raise large armies with which to attack individual states
Which group made up the majority of the European population?
Why was Italy more urban than rest of Europe?
Their trade networks drew people to their states, so they didn't have to build businesses to get them there
How/Why did the Italian states played a crucial role in politics?
Because their economic power
Why did Machiavelli's view influence political activity (What did he believe)?
Politics should not be influenced by moral individuals,
gov where leader is not a king and certain citizens have a right to vote
soldiers who fight for money
Members of middle class that lived in cities or towns
What was the humanists' purpose for educating people?
Use perspective to represent 3d
What was a result of Petrarch's finding and using classical Latin Manuscripts?
Because he did that humanist ideas will spread through scholarly work (doesn't need spiritual figure to make myself better)
local spoken language
intellectual movement based on the study of the classics(history, literature, art of rome/greece)
gives effect of three dimensional depth (art technique)
Liberal Studies
history, philosophy, logic, grammar, mathematics, astronomy
less focused on religion