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  1. Me duele la rodilla
  2. No puedo respirar
  3. Mis piernas están creciendo
  4. Estoy sudando
  5. Mi dedo está roto
  1. a You can't breathe
  2. b Your finger is broken
  3. c Your knee hurts you
  4. d You are sweating
  5. e Your legs are growing

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  1. You have nausea
  2. Your bone is broken
  3. You feel well
  4. Your elbow is cut
  5. Your hand is cut

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  1. Necesito un yesoYou need to vomit


  2. Necesito vomitarYou need to vomit


  3. Mis amigos necesitan relajarseYour friends need to relax


  4. Mi dieta está balanceadaYour diet is balanced


  5. Mi padre tiene mucho estrésYour dad has much stress