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  1. No puedo respirar
  2. Mi médico escribe recetas
  3. Necesito un yeso
  4. Mi madre se está entrenando para un maratón
  5. Se me cortó el codo
  1. a Your doctor writes prescriptions
  2. b You need a cast
  3. c You can't breathe
  4. d Your elbow is cut
  5. e You mom is training for a marathon

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  1. You can't find the band-aids
  2. Your friend Pablo has an infection
  3. You feel well
  4. Your dad's stomach hurts him
  5. You are sweating

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  1. Me duele la muñecaYour wrist hurts you


  2. Mi dieta está balanceadaYour finger is broken


  3. Necesito pastillasYou need pills


  4. Tengo nauseaYou have nausea


  5. Se me rompió el huesoYour ankle is broken.