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  1. Tengo nausea
  2. Mi madre se está entrenando para un maratón
  3. Mi dieta está balanceada
  4. Me duele la muñeca
  5. Mi padre tiene mucho estrés
  1. a Your wrist hurts you
  2. b Your dad has much stress
  3. c You mom is training for a marathon
  4. d You have nausea
  5. e Your diet is balanced

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  1. You need a cast
  2. Your knee hurts you
  3. You need an X-Ray
  4. Your hand is cut
  5. Your elbow is cut

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  1. No puedo encontrar las curitasYou can't breathe


  2. Se me rompió el tobilloYour ankle is broken.


  3. Estoy sudandoYou are sweating


  4. Mi almuerzo es saludableYour food is nutritious


  5. Se me rompió la narizYour nose is broken


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