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  1. Me falta energía
  2. Mi amigo Pablo tiene una infección
  3. Necesito un yeso
  4. Se me rompió el tobillo
  5. Se me rompió el hueso
  1. a You don't have energy
  2. b Your friend Pablo has an infection
  3. c You need a cast
  4. d Your bone is broken
  5. e Your ankle is broken.

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  1. Your diet is balanced
  2. You can't breathe
  3. Your dad keeps himself healthy
  4. You need to vomit
  5. Your friend's shoulder hurts her

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  1. Mi almuerzo es saludableYour lunch is healthy


  2. Mis amigos necesitan relajarseYour doctor writes prescriptions


  3. Me duele la muñecaYour knee hurts you


  4. Me siento bienYou feel bad


  5. Se me rompió la narizYour bone is broken