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  1. Mi dedo está roto
  2. Se me cortó el codo
  3. Mi médico escribe recetas
  4. Mi comida es nutriva
  5. Necesito vomitar
  1. a Your elbow is cut
  2. b Your food is nutritious
  3. c Your doctor writes prescriptions
  4. d Your finger is broken
  5. e You need to vomit

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  1. You can't find the band-aids
  2. You can't breathe
  3. Your legs are growing
  4. Your wrist hurts you
  5. You are sweating

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  1. Tengo nauseaYou have nausea


  2. Consumo muchas caloríasYou eat a lot of calories


  3. Necesito pastillasYou need pills


  4. Mi amigo Pablo tiene una infecciónYour friend Pablo has an infection


  5. Mi dieta está balanceadaYour finger is broken