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  1. Mi comida es nutriva
  2. Necesito pastillas
  3. Me siento bien
  4. Mi padre se mantiene sano
  5. A mi amiga le duele el hombro
  1. a Your friend's shoulder hurts her
  2. b Your food is nutritious
  3. c You need pills
  4. d You feel well
  5. e Your dad keeps himself healthy

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  1. Your dad has much stress
  2. Your friend Pablo has an infection
  3. Your hand is cut
  4. Your bone is broken
  5. You eat a lot of calories

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  1. Mis amigos necesitan relajarseYour friends need to relax


  2. No puedo respirarYou need to vomit


  3. Se me rompió la narizYour bone is broken


  4. Se me rompió el tobilloYour ankle is broken.


  5. Estoy sudandoYou are sweating