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Film Studies Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Film Studies.
Film Form
The method and manner in which parts fit together to make a whole.
A delay in fulfilling an established expectation.
The result of expectation that is revealed to be incorrect.
Referential Meaning
A very concrete, close to bare-bones plot summary. Think IMDB.
(Book definition: Allusion to particular items of knowledge outside the film that the viewer is expected to recognize)
Explicit Meaning
Close to the point of the film, with an openly asserted meaning when describing a film's meaning.
(Book Definition: Significance presented overtly, usually in language and often near the film's beginning and end.)
Implicit Meaning
An abstract meaning that goes beyond what is explicitly stated in the film. Think interpretive meaning.
(Book Definition: Significance left tacit, for the viewer to discover on analysis or reflection)
Symptomatic Meaning
Describing a film's meaning by explaining a particular set of social values that make up the point of the film.
(Book Definition: Significance that the film divulges, often against will its will, by virtue of its historical or social context.)
Five Principles of Form
Similarity and repetition
Difference and variation
Unity and disunity.
A progression moving from beginning through middle to end.
The role of effect of any element within the film's form.
Similarity and Repetition
Any significant repeated element in a film.
Difference and Variation
Significant deviations from what is expected or established.
Unity and Disunity
How relationships in a film are interwoven and how communicative and cohesive it is.
An element in a film that is repeated in a significant way at least 3 times.
Formal Systems
Narrative and Non-Narrative.
When an element is not part of the world of the depicted narrative.
Depth of Narration
How much the spectator learns about the characters' psychological states in a film.
Story Duration
The time length that the characters in a film experience.
Screen Duration
The time length of the film itself.
Plot Duration
The time length that the film's information has occurred over total, regardless of how long the characters have experienced it.