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  1. humanism
  2. who sparked an architectural revolution across europe
  3. who was the head of the catholic church
  4. charlemagne
  5. david
  1. a an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
  2. b donatello, 1508, feminine, after battle
  3. c brunelleschi
  4. d the pope
  5. e king of the franks, holy roman emperor

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  1. a good emperor of rome who was in the second triumvirate, built musoluem, unified the roman empire, son of julius caesar
  2. art focused on regular human beings, not royalty, portraits, showed everyday life
  3. socrates died for own beliefs, used the socratic method, taught plato who started the academy and thought up a utopia and taught aristotle, who went to the academy and pioneered biology and physics and taught alexander the great
  4. donatello, 1450, begging for forgiveness
  5. raphael, 1508-1512

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  1. northern renaissancebegan in 1400s in england france germany flanders as a reaction of what was happening in italy, hard and angular, attention to detail


  2. differences between athens and spartasparta was mainly interested in a military life and was an oligarchy, athens was a democracy in which the people learned about art, culture, and language


  3. what created the mona lisa and the last supperleanardo da vinci


  4. what is feudalismset of rights between the lords and the serfs


  5. describe the downfall of the roman empirenot a lot, mostly religious, royalty, no backgrounds or depth