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  1. what is the renaissance the rebirth of
  2. david
  3. to which historical periods did Renaissance artists and thinkers look for inspiration? Why?
  4. persian wars
  5. statue of david
  1. a michelangelo, 1501, before the battle
  2. b greek and roman because they emphasized people and heroes
  3. c fought for dominance in the meditterean
  4. d donatello, 1508, feminine, after battle
  5. e art and learning

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  1. the statue of david, the sistine chapel, la pieta
  2. the pope
  3. .
  4. art focused on regular human beings, not royalty, portraits, showed everyday life
  5. new life

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  1. chivalryan intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics


  2. hellenistic? had to do with?raphael, 1508-1512


  3. the sistine madonnaraphael, 1508-1512


  4. charlemagnerebirth


  5. who sparked an architectural revolution across europethe pantheon in rome and the unfinished dome in florence