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  1. what created the mona lisa and the last supper
  2. what did giovanni and cosimo become known as
  3. baby means
  4. to which historical periods did Renaissance artists and thinkers look for inspiration? Why?
  5. richard the lionhearted
  1. a rebirth
  2. b leanardo da vinci
  3. c god's bankers
  4. d greek and roman because they emphasized people and heroes
  5. e king of england, killed people, leader of 3rd crusade

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  1. the pope
  2. detailed, shadows, backgrounds, depth, perspective, showed humanism, columns
  3. italian and northern
  4. leonardo da vinci, 1504, smile and brush strokes
  5. michaelangelo

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  1. describe the downfall of the roman empireattila the hun, economic hardships, barbarian invasions, civil strife, military problems


  2. how did the city of constantinople become the new capital of the roman empireafter diocletian ruined the roman empire, constantine took control and moved the capital to the east because there was more wealth there


  3. what is the renaissance the rebirth ofart and learning


  4. cowper virginraphael, 1505


  5. what is a polisconsists of a local community and the surrounding countryside