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  1. how did niccolo machiavelli view human nature? how would you describe his attitude toward politics and governing?
  2. what was the bubonic plague
  3. importance of individuals
  4. what was the period of peace within the roman empire called
  5. describe the downfall of the roman empire
  1. a attila the hun, economic hardships, barbarian invasions, civil strife, military problems
  2. b humans are selfish in nature, survival of the fittest for royalty, all people of nobility needed to be ruthless and cruel to keep their positions and keep their country safe
  3. c art focused on regular human beings, not royalty, portraits, showed everyday life
  4. d pax romana
  5. e a deadly disease in the fourteenth century, transmitted by fleas and rats that spread across asia and europe, killing millions of people, causing symptoms of fever and chills, became known as the black death

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  1. he invaded england after his cousin king edward died, he fought in the battle of hastings against george goodwinson,he set the foundation for modern day government
  2. athens
  3. an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
  4. to be the most dominate city state
  5. provided sets of laws for the church

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  1. hundred year warfought for dominance in the meditterean


  2. sistine chapelmichaelangelo, bernini, boticelli, raphael, 1508 - 1512, book of genesis


  3. daviddonatello, 1508, feminine, after battle


  4. describe the crusadesdetailed, shadows, backgrounds, depth, perspective, showed humanism, columns


  5. who first used perspectivebrunellescheci


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