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  1. how did niccolo machiavelli view human nature? how would you describe his attitude toward politics and governing?
  2. who was augustus caesar
  3. persian wars
  4. describe renaissance art
  5. describe the key political positions of the roman republic
  1. a two consuls governed the city elected for one year and not again for ten years, dictators ruled everything for 6 months, senate was the government body and the assembly consisted of 300 nobles and tribunes that created the laws
  2. b humans are selfish in nature, survival of the fittest for royalty, all people of nobility needed to be ruthless and cruel to keep their positions and keep their country safe
  3. c detailed, shadows, backgrounds, depth, perspective, showed humanism, columns
  4. d a good emperor of rome who was in the second triumvirate, built musoluem, unified the roman empire, son of julius caesar
  5. e fought for dominance in the meditterean

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  1. christianity started with Jesus Christ and Judaism, and spread during the pax romana because the roads allowed for trade and therefore the spread of new ideas, cultures, and religions
  2. leonardo da vinci, 1504, smile and brush strokes
  3. the pantheon in rome and the unfinished dome in florence
  4. a division in the medieval roman catholic church where rival popes were established in rome that started in 1507
  5. to be the most dominate city state

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  1. name and describe the effects of the crusades of europeattila the hun, economic hardships, barbarian invasions, civil strife, military problems


  2. the sistine madonnaraphael, 1508-1512


  3. hundred year warfought for dominance in the meditterean


  4. chivalrya code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages requiring them to be brave, loyal, and true to their word


  5. humanismleonardo da vinci, 1504, smile and brush strokes