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  1. baby means
  2. why was the pelponnesian war fought
  3. italian renaissance
  4. what was the bubonic plague
  5. what is a renaissance man? example? why?
  1. a a person who can do may things very well, in the renaissance the ideal man was a philosopher, a poet, a scholar, a scientist, an artist, and a soldier, leonardo da vinci
  2. b a deadly disease in the fourteenth century, transmitted by fleas and rats that spread across asia and europe, killing millions of people, causing symptoms of fever and chills, became known as the black death
  3. c to be the most dominate city state
  4. d rebirth
  5. e began in 1300s in italy, florence and venice, portrayed images in soft and graceful manner, religious influence, emphasized humans and environment

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  1. michelangelo, 1501, before the battle
  2. an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
  3. holy wars used to regain the holy land of jerusalem, fought by the muslims and the christians from 1096 to 1109, 8 crusades
  4. a wealthy family who ruled the city of florence and owned a bank
  5. after diocletian ruined the roman empire, constantine took control and moved the capital to the east because there was more wealth there

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  1. sistine chapelmichelangelo, 1501, before the battle


  2. name and describe the good and bad emperors of romebad- nero, caligula, good- octavian, augustus casear, trajan, marcus cirilious


  3. who was joan of arca land area controlled by a king that was appointed by the pope


  4. the sistine madonnaraphael, 1508-1512


  5. importance of individualsmichelangelo, 1501, before the battle


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