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Use aromatic fragrances to induce relaxation; therapy through aroma
To slope the free edge of the nail surface to smooth any rough ages
Chamois Buffer
Implement that holds a disposable chamois cloth that is used to add shine to the nail and to smooth out wavy ridges on nails
Dimethyl urea hardeners
Hardeners that use dimethyl urea (DMU) and add crosslinks to the natural nail plate but do not cause adverse skin reactions
Light, continuous-stroking massage movement applied with fingers and palms in a slow and rhythmic manner
Essential Oils
Oils used in aromatherapy that are extracted via deverse forms of distillation from seeds, bark, roots, leaves, woods, and resin
formaldehyde hardeners
contain up to 5% formaldehyde and create bridges or cross links between the keratin strands that make up the natural nail, making the plate much stiffer and resistant to bending
mild abrasive
substance used for smoothing nails and skin (e.g., Pumice)
oval nail
nail shape with more rounded corners, attractive for most women's nails
perissage kneading movement
kneading movement in massage performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing the tissue
small, fiber-free cotton squares often used by nail professionals to remove polish
pointed nail
nail shape suited to thin handswidth narrow nail beds. the shape is tapered ad somewhat longer than usual of the nail
protein hardener
a combination of clear polish and protein, such as collagen, that provide a clear hard coating on the surface of the nail
pumice powder
white or grayish powdered abrasive derived from volcanic rock, use for smoothing and polishing
reinforcing fiber hardeners
contain fibers such as nylon, and protect the nail by coating the natural nail
round nail
nail shape that is slightly tapered and extends just a bit past the tip of the finger. this natural looking shape is common for male clients
square nail
nail shape that is completely straight across with no rounding at the edges. the length of the nail can vary
squoval nail
nail shape with a square free edge that is rounded off and extends just slightly past the tip of the finger
full coverage
entire nail plate is polish
free edge
the free edge of the nail is unpolished. this helps prevent polish from chipping
hairline tip
the nail plate is polished, and 1/16 inch is removed from the edge. this prevents polish from chipping
slim line or free walls
leave 1/16 inch margin on each side of nail plate. this makes a wide nail appear narrow
half moon or luna
the base of the nail is unpolished
designed for soaking the clients fingertips in warm water with liquid soap or moisturizing soak product added
tools used to perform your services
wooden pusher
pusher to remove cuticle tissue from the nail plate or to clean under the free edge
metal pusher
pusher incorrectly called a cuticle pusher, is actually used to push back the eponychium, but can also be used to gently scrape cuticle tissue from the natural nail plate
implement used to trim away tags of dead skin
implement used for a wide range of uses, including small bits of debris from the nail plate or removing implements from disinfectant solutions
nail brush
implement used to clean fingernails and to remove dust and debris with warm soapy water
polish remover
used to dissolve and remove nail polish
nail creams and penetrating nail oils
product that is designed to soften dry skin around the nail plate and to increase the flexibility of natural nail
cuticle removers
designed to loosen and dissolved dead tissue from the nail plate so that it can be more easily and thoroughly removed from the nail plate
nail bleach
substance applied to the nail plate and under the free edge to remove yellow surface discoloration or stains
base coat
coat that creates colorless layer on the natural nail that improves adhesion of polish
top coat
coats are applied over colored polish to prevent chipping and the add shine to the finished nail
material safety data sheets
provide valuable, sage-handling information about the products as well as first aid and proper storage information
nail conditioners
contain ingredients to reduce brittleness of the nail plate and moisturize the surrounding skin