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Year 7 Computer Hardware


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Allows the user to move the cursor around the screen and select objects
Allows the user to enter text into a computer by pressing on the desired letter or symbol
Produces hard copies (on paper) of data held on a computer
A device that allows the data being processed on a computer to be seen by the user, usually represented as pixels.
Takes an image of real world objects, usually paper, and sends it as digital data to a computer
A machine that carries out processing, presents information and stores data.
Input device
A piece of computer hardware that sends data to a computer
Output device
A piece of computer hardware that receives data from a computer, usually the results of processing
Games console
A type of computer which specialises in processing the type of data required for video games
When an action or calculation is applied to a piece or selection of data in order to provide the desired result. For example, when you move the mouse the processor will calculate how far it has moved and in what direction and then make the cursor on the screen move to mirror the action
Smart Phone
A portable computer designed in carry out a range of function, primarily phone calls and messaging
Hard Disk
An internal piece of hardware that allows users to store files long term
An internal piece of hardware to which all other bits of hardware connect.
Memory (RAM)
Internal hardware that stores currently running programs and data. Its role can be described as a waiting area for things that need to be and have been processed by the CPU
Handles all data that goes through a computer. Carries out calculations and comparisons in order to generate the desired output.
Video Card
A specialised processing device that handles the graphics processing for a computer. Converts the digital data into what we see on the monitor
All images shown on a computer screen are made up of these. The amount used will help determine the quality of the image.
Determines the maximum quality of an image by defining the number of pixels that will be used to make up the image. The higher this value is, the more pixels will be used
All data on a computer system is stored and processed in digital form. This means that all data will be in 1s or 0s.
CPU Speed
Measured in Hz. The higher, the more calculations it can carry out in a second. Modern ones tend run over 2 GHz (2 billion Hz).
1 Megabyte
1000 Kilobytes
1 Gigabyte
1000 Megabytes
1 Terabyte
1000 Gigabytes