GCSE PE (diet)


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Simple stored as glucose, eg sugar, complex stored as glycogen eg pasta, rice
One of the main energy sources of energy and are essential for active people.
Three types, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Major source of energy stored under skin keeps warm, stored around major organs, protective effect. Found in oils, butter....
For formation, growth and repair of tissue eg muscles. Two main sources are animal products and plant foods eg beans, meat
Enables you to have good health and maintenance of bones, teeth and skin eg fruit and veg
Help build tissues. Help to release and use energy in the body. Encourages correct functioning of cells and muscles.
Prevents dehydration, stimulates the brain
Keeps digestive system healthy. Help prevent constipation.
This is a condition of being fat, which frequently leads to health problems.
An eating disorder primarily occurs in girls and women in relation to fear of gaining weight, self starvation and a distorted body image. This can lead to bulimia
Balanced diet
All the nutrients in the right amounts for good health.
Basal metabolic rate
The amount of energy needed just to stay alive, awake and comfortably warm.
Working energy
Energy needed to move around, digest food and do exercise.
Total energy needed
Basal metabolic rate + working energy