Andrew Jackson (AP US History review by president)

Key terms (events, legislation, etc.) from United States History, organized by President.
Peggy Eaton affair
Calhoun's wife slandered Peggy Eaton, causing a heated debate between Jackson and Calhoun
Indian removal act
This act granted the president funds and authority to remove Native Americans (1830)
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Supreme Court case: said that Cherokees were not a foreign nation with the right to sue in a federal court (1824)
Worcester v. Georgia
Supreme Court case: said that the laws of Georgia had no force within the boundaries of the Cherokee territory (1832)
Nullification crisis
Southerners declared federal protective tariffs null and void, Jackson responded with Force bill and suggested compromising over tariffs
Bank veto
Jackson's response to the Bank of the United States recharter (1832)
Specie Circular
Provided that in payment for public lands, the government would accept only gold or silver