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14.3 Hormones in Humans (IGCSE Biology 0610)


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a chemical substance produced by a gland and carried by the blood, which alters the activity of one or more specific target organs
The endocrine consists and depends on chemicals of hormones which are released though endocrine glands name some
-Adrenal Glands
-Reproductive Organs
What does the adrenal glands do?
Produces the hormone Adrenaline
the hormone secreted in 'fight or flight' situations and its effects, limited to increased breathing and pulse rate and widened pupils
What does the Pancreas Gland do?
Produces/Secretes the hormone Insulin
a hormone from the pancreas that controls glucose level in the body
what does the reproductive organs produce limited to the ovaries and testes
produces hormones and gametes, From the ovary, oestrogen is produced and from the testes testosterone
a hormone from ovaries which prepares the uterus for embryo (thick)
The hormone is used in reproduction. dick enlargement, voice deeper body hair ect
Where would adrenaline be secreted (examples)
bungee jumping, rollercoasters and more
Nervous system vs Hormonal system
Nervous system is rapid (electrical impulses)
Endocrine can be slow (chemical messages in blood)