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AP Lang Vocab Week 16


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staid (adj)
grave, proper, sedate, in character (connotes a colorless self-restraint)
stalwart (adj)
steadfastly brave
stanza (n)
section of a poem
static (adj)
stationary, unchanging
stentorian (adj)
loud, with powerful sound (stentor was a loud Greek herald from the Iliad
stigma (n)
a mark of social disgrace
stoic (adj)
indifferent to pain or pleasure, without passion
strident (adj)
stringent (adj)
subterfuge (n)
deceit or deception to escape a rule, hide something etc/
subtle (adj)
not obvious
succinct (adj)
succulent (adj)
sully (v)
to make dirty, stain, soil
superannuated (adj)
retired because of age, too old to work or be used
supercilious (adj)
arrogantly proud, haughty
superficial (adj)
shallow, on the surface
supine (adj)
on one's back
(antonym pron)
supple (adj)
flexible, plaint, limber
surfeit (1.n 2. v)
1. a great excess 2. to satiate often to excess
surmise (v)
to guess
surreptitious (adj)
stealthy, sneaky
sycophant (n)
servile flatterer
(Austin Powers/ Minions)
synchronize (v)
to agree or match in time
synthesis (n)
combination of different parts
taciturn (adj)
habitually silent
talisman (n)
a charm, amulet
tangible (adj)
touchable, real
tantamount (adj)
equal in effect to (to the irritable boy, even a hello was * to a scurrilous insult)
tautological (adj)
unnecessarily repetitive , redundant,
(as in male widower)
tedious (adj)
long and tiring, repetitive
temerarious (adj)
bold reckless
( rash/ Holden Caulfield)
temerity (n)
rashness, recklessness
temper (v)
to moderate or mitigate, to tone down
(her calmness tempers his excitability
temporal (adj)
pertaining to time
temporize (v)
to avoid committing oneself, to be purposefully, indecisive "waffle" (politician)
tenacious (adj)
firm, unyielding
tentative (adj)
not sure, not confirmed (* deadline of next Friday)
tenuous (adj)
1. slender, thin 2. having little substance, flimsy
( grasp on reality argument)
terrestrial (adj)
terse (adj)
curt, brief
testy (adj)
easily angered, irritable
tether (v)
to fasten
therapeutic (adj)
(able to cure something)
timorous (adj)
fearful, timid
tirade (n)
long abusive speech, diatribe
torpid (adj)
sluggish, lethargic
( family after Thanksgiving meal)
tractable (adj)
docile, easily managed or controlled obedient
tranquility (n)
transcend (v)
to surpass, rise above
transgress (v)
to violate
transient (adj)
temporary, lasting for a short time ( chewing gum)
transitory (adj)
passing quickly
travesty (n)
a grotesque imitation or model, a mockery
(the unfair trial was a * of justice)
trenchant (adj)
keen edged, incisive, sharp, forceful
( wit criticism)
trepidation (n)
agitation from fear, fright, tremor
trite (adj)
stale, overused, banal, hackneyed
trivial (adj)
truculent (adj)
fierce, cruel savage, harsh
tureen (n)
a large deep covered dish for serving soup