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All info for quiz on 9/14/10


strong connective tissue that holds bones together in movable joints


strong connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone


a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones and keeps them from rubbing together


the soft connective tissue that fills the internal spaces in bone


a place in the body where two bones come together

hinge joint

this joint allows forward or backward motion (example: this joint allows you to bend and straighten your leg)

ball-and-socket joint

this joint allows the greatest range of motion (example: this joint allows you to swing your arm freely in a circle)

pivot joint

this joint allows one bone to rotate around another (example: this joint allows you to turn your head from side to side)

gliding joint

this joint allows one bone to slide over another (example: this joint in your wrist or ankle enables you to bend and flex as well as make limited side-t-side motions)

hinge joint, pivot joint, ball-and-socket joint, and the gliding joint

What types of joints are in the skeleton?

Bones consist of many minerals primarily phosphorus and calcium that keep them strong.

How are bones so strong?

Have a good diet & exercise.

What are 2 ways to take care of your bones?

shape and support, stores minerals, allows your body to move, protects organs, and produces blood cells

List the five major functions of the skeleton.


What bones makes up the center of the skeleton?


What 26 small bones make up the backbone?

The muscles pull on the bones to make them move.

How does the skeleton help the body move?

the skull

What bone protects the brain?

blood cells

The long bones of the arms and legs make ___________________.

immovable and movable joints

What are the two types of joints?


What bones are held together by immovable joints?


The bones in movable joints are held together by strong connective tissues called ____________.

When your bones absorb the force of your weight.

When do bones cells form new bones tissue?


A condition in which the body's bones become weak and break easily is called...

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