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vocab terms ch 1


contains source code, which tells computer what to do


giving the computer instructions to achieve a task

java virtual machine

a cpu simulated by a program run on the cpu: a computer inside a computer


web page containing java code

object- oriented

type of programming that focuses on data


type of programming that focuses on methods

CPU (central processing unit)

locates and executes program instructions, taking data from storage and sending data back


integrated circuit, plastic or metal housing, metal connectors, inside wiring


controls electrical signals: an on/ off switch


where data and programs are kept

RAM (primary storage)

storage made from memory chips, fast, but expensive and temporary (lost when power is off)

Hard Disk (secondary storage)

less expensive storage, permanent


connects computers to other computers and the internet

removable storage

includes floppy disks, tapes, and CDs- portable!


devices required to interact with the human: include display, speakers, printers, keyboard, etc


electrical lines connecting CPU, RAM, and hard disk electronics


contains cpu, ram, and connectors to peripheral devices

card slots

ex. graphics (monitor), sound (speakers), and network (internet)

ENIAC (electronic numerical integrator and computer)

first usable electronic computer, used vacuum tubes in place of transistors, programmed by connecting wires to panels

syntax error

violates rules of programming language, detected by compiler

logic error

causes program to run incorrectly, the programmer must detect and fix himself

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