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[blank] sources are preferable to self-interested sources.
Multiple Sources
[blank] sources are preferable to a report based on a single source.
Sources who [blank] or provide [blank] information are preferable to those who merely assert/declare.
Authoritative / Informed
[blank] sources are preferable to sources who are uninformed or lack authoritative background.
[blank] sources are better than anonymous ones.
Fact Check Sites
Snoops, Politifacts, or Factcheck.Org
Independent Red Flags
Employer, Investor, Neighbor
Multiple Sources Red Flags
Family, Housemates, Teammates
Verify Red Flags
Strong language, tone
Authoritative / Informed Red Flags
Lawyer talking science
Named Red Flags
Greater access to the scene
Circular Reporting
Publication A published misinformation, publication B reprints it, and publication A then cites B as the source for the information.
This multiplied the amount of information and viewpoints, with social media, blogs, and online video turning every citizen into a potential reporter.

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