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  1. What were two big problems with Christian missionary work in Japan?
  2. Who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but actually played a ceremonial role?
  3. How many daimyo were there in the Warring States Period?
  4. How were the ruling elites ranked? (What philosophy?)
  5. What is the modern name for the city of Edo?
  1. a emperor
  2. b translations, wary government
  3. c 260
  4. d Tokyo
  5. e confucian

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  1. military commander, son of samurai
  2. peasants, artisans, merchants
  3. agriculture
  4. stabilize realm, prevent more civil war
  5. not much land

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  1. What were the beginnings of Toyotomi Hideyoshi?"abundant provider"


  2. What important thing did Hideyoshi instate that really smelled of national unification?Built castle at Osaka, conquered everything to the south


  3. Approx. how long did the Warring States Period last?260


  4. How did agriculture get better during the Tokugawa period? (4 things)agriculture


  5. Who was the third Japanese unifier?Toyotomi Hideyoshi