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  1. What year did the Europeans arrive in Japan?
  2. Who was Oda Nobunaga before he started rampaging?
  3. How did agriculture get better during the Tokugawa period? (4 things)
  4. Approx. how long did the Warring States Period last?
  5. How did the Portuguese first land on the Japanese island?
  1. a 1543
  2. b 100 yrs
  3. c blown off course
  4. d military commander, son of samurai
  5. e new crop strains, water control, irrigation, fertilizer

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  1. thinning out the rice shoots
  2. ritual suicide
  3. peasants, artisans, merchants
  4. "ones who serve"
  5. Toyotomi Hideyoshi

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  1. What did Nobunaga do to try to unite the country? (3 things)Built castle at Osaka, conquered everything to the south


  2. Why was infanticide even considered?not much land


  3. What were Tokugawa's origins?Daimyo of Edo


  4. What did the daimyo like the most from what the Europeans had to offer?interest


  5. Who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but actually played a ceremonial role?military commander, son of samurai