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  1. What was infanticide referred to as?
  2. Was there equal rights for all?
  3. What does the word "daimyo" mean?
  4. Where did the people who were under samurai stand in the social heirarchy? (highest to lowest)
  5. What is seppuku?
  1. a ritual suicide
  2. b peasants, artisans, merchants
  3. c thinning out the rice shoots
  4. d "great names"
  5. e no

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  1. 100 yrs
  2. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  3. started interfering w/ local affairs, destroyed temples to build churches
  4. agriculture
  5. 260

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  1. What does the word "samurai" mean?"great names"


  2. What did the daimyo like the most from what the Europeans had to offer?guns


  3. How did agriculture get better during the Tokugawa period? (4 things)agriculture


  4. What is the modern name for the city of Edo?proving loyalty/honor


  5. What were Tokugawa's origins?no