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  1. How did the Portuguese first land on the Japanese island?
  2. How did agriculture get better during the Tokugawa period? (4 things)
  3. What was the "principal aim" of the Tokugawa shoguns? (2 things)
  4. What did the missionaries do that made the government kick them out? (2 things)
  5. What does the name "Toyotomi" mean?
  1. a "abundant provider"
  2. b new crop strains, water control, irrigation, fertilizer
  3. c blown off course
  4. d started interfering w/ local affairs, destroyed temples to build churches
  5. e stabilize realm, prevent more civil war

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  1. Tokyo
  2. 100 yrs
  3. national currency
  4. Oda Nobunaga
  5. emperor

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  1. How many daimyo were there in the Warring States Period?260


  2. What is the purpose of performing seppuku?1543


  3. Who was the third Japanese unifier?Toyotomi Hideyoshi


  4. What architecture did the Europeans bring?castles


  5. Who was the second Japanese unifier?Toyotomi Hideyoshi


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