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  1. What did the daimyo like the most from what the Europeans had to offer?
  2. What was the "principal aim" of the Tokugawa shoguns? (2 things)
  3. How were the ruling elites ranked? (What philosophy?)
  4. Who was the third Japanese unifier?
  5. Who was Oda Nobunaga before he started rampaging?
  1. a military commander, son of samurai
  2. b stabilize realm, prevent more civil war
  3. c guns
  4. d confucian
  5. e Tokugawa Ieyasu

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  1. Farmer's son, became military commander
  2. 260
  3. peasants, artisans, merchants
  4. started interfering w/ local affairs, destroyed temples to build churches
  5. new crop strains, water control, irrigation, fertilizer

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  1. Who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but actually played a ceremonial role?military commander, son of samurai


  2. What year did the Europeans arrive in Japan?castles


  3. Why did the economy boom during the Tokugawa period?agriculture


  4. What was the Japanese reaction to the Europeans?interest


  5. What is the modern name for the city of Edo?proving loyalty/honor