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MGMT Test1

will eventually affect most organizations.
Changes in any sector of the general environment ____.
simple; complex
In terms of environmental complexity, ____ environments have few environmental factors, whereas ____ environments have many environmental factors.
proactive customer monitoring
Two homebuilders are building homes in nearby subdivisions. One is offering 2,500-square-foot homes with two-acre yards. The other is offering a similar size of house with quarter-acre yards. The builder offering the smaller lots cannot keep up with demand. The builder offering the larger lots has several unsold houses. The builder with the smaller lots most likely used ____ to determine what homebuyers desired.
none of these
Which of the following approaches will guarantee the successful change of an organizational culture?
Stories and Heros
After an organization's founders are gone, the organization can use ____ to sustain its organizational culture.
Specific Environment
Dofasco, Inc. is a different kind of steel company. Tiny by industry standards, the Canadian-based company has just 8,500 employees and a market cap of $2.3 billion. Dofasco operates with a close eye on the triple bottom line. In addition to tracking financial metrics, Dofasco also monitors its impact on society and the environment. As a result, the company has outperformed many of its biggest competitors. Despite a recent slump in the automobile industry, which accounted for 50 percent of its business, Dofasco ran at 100 percent capacity and finished as one of the only integrated steelmakers in all of North America to make a profit one year. Dofasco is also one of the only companies in the steel industry without a union, and its employees like it that way. Employee turnover at the company's main operation is less than one percent annually. Part of its low turnover rate is due to the company's concern about protecting its external environment. As the CEO of the company said, "One way to get happy employees is not to wreck their community in which they live."

Refer to Dofasco. The fact that Ford purchased less steel from Dofasco during the auto industry's slump would be part of Dofasco's ____ environment because Ford Motor Company is one of its customers.
Typically the most important factor in the relationship between companies and their suppliers is ____.
Mark Graf, a security specialist at the Rocky Flats nuclear facility outside Denver, became alarmed about the temporary removal of 450 kilograms of plutonium oxide from a vault-like room to a "soft room" protected by drywall that you could punch a hole through. Graf eventually had to take his concerns to the media before the plutonium was stored once again in a safe location. Graf actions can be described as a(n) ____.
A(n) ____ is a written test that estimates employee honesty by directly asking job applicants what they think or feel about theft or about punishment of unethical behaviors.
overt integrity test
Which of the following is an example of a stakeholder group that an organization must satisfy to assure long-term survival?
all of these
Which of the following organizations are covered by the U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines?
all of these
The U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines impose smaller fines on companies that ____.
have already established a specific type of compliance program
Ramin wood, which is used to make pool cues and picture frames, was declared an endangered species and its export is regulated by the government of Indonesia. In spite of attempts to control the sale of the wood, it is still being carried across Indonesia's national borders and sold in Malaysia where government officials pretend the wood was legally acquired. Companies that buy the illegally-acquired wood in Malaysia are ignoring their ____ responsibility to society.
____ are the expectations that a company will voluntarily serve a social role beyond its economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities
Discretionary responsibilities
When media in India informed the public that Coca-Cola products bottled in India contained a high level of certain cancer-causing pesticides, the Indian government immediately ordered Coke to stop production. The Indian government served as a(n) ____.
Primary Stakeholders
____ stakeholders are any groups that can influence or be influenced by the company and can affect public perceptions about its socially responsible behavior.
Various persons or groups with a legitimate interest in a company's actions are called ____.
One of the benefits of planning is how it ____.
encourages people to work harder for extended periods
When Coca-Cola discovered it had an unauthorized bottler selling Coke in the Colombian jungle, it used the rational decision making process to find a solution. What do you know about the stage in which Coke evaluated its possible courses of action?
Coke found this stage to be the most time-consuming of all the stages.
Marie-Helene de Taillac is a well-known European designer of understated, very delicate jewelry. Once she determined that further growth was impossible without changing how she distributed her product, she decided to open her own retail outlet to sell her products rather than letting department stores sell it. Since she made the decision without really examining how much the costs involved in implementing her decision, she has engaged in ____ behavior
She chose an alternative solution that was "good enough" without examining every last variable
____ is the process of choosing a solution from available alternatives.
Decision making
Budgets are an example of ____ planning.
Which of the following is an accepted method for tracking progress toward goal achievement?
gathering and providing performance feedback
Planning is ultimately based upon ____.
choosing a goal and developing a method or strategy to achieve that goal
Who is responsible for the creation of tactical plans?
middle managers
Which of the following is NOT one of the rules for effective brainstorming?
Select an open-minded group leader.
A(n) ____ is a standing plan that indicates the general course of action that should be taken in response to a particular event or situation.
____ is the measure of the intensity of competitive behavior between companies in an industry.
Character of the rivalry
Starbucks, the operator of Starbucks coffeehouses, also markets a line of compilation CDs and other non-coffee items. The making and marketing of the CDs and other non-coffee products would be an example of ____.
unrelated diversification
In an attempt to stop declining profitability, ICI, a British chemical company, deleted petrochemical products from its production and concentrated on specialty chemicals, a less capital-intensive, less cyclical business. What type of a grand strategy was ICI using?
Among companies who use the adaptive strategies, ____ blend the strategies used by ____.
analyzers; defenders and prospectors
Glassmaker AFG Industries positions itself as the primary supplier of glass used in microwave doors, shower doors, and patio tables. What type of a positioning strategy does the glass manufacturer use?
From a competitive standpoint, ____ means that the strategic actions your company takes can probably be matched by your direct competitors.
resource similarity
According to Harvard professor Michael Porter, five industry forces (character of rivalry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products or services, bargaining power of suppliers, and the bargaining power of buyers) determine an industry's overall attractiveness and its ____.
potential for long-term profitability
Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. introduced the first major production mountain bike in 1980. Two-thirds of its profits come from the sale of mountain bikes. It is recognized worldwide for its ability to design and produce superior mountain bikes. This ability is its ____.
distinctive competence
The term ____ refers to the overall organizational strategy that addresses the question "What business or businesses are we in or should we be in?"
orporate-level strategy
Imagine Dow Chemical is conducting a situational analysis. According to its sales, Dow is the second largest chemical company in the world. BASF is the largest. Both companies use a similar strategy. Within Dow's situational analysis, BASF would be classified as a ____.
core firm
A(n) ____ is the individual who is formally in charge of guiding a change effort.
change agent
A technology ____ begins with the birth of a new technology and ends when that technology reaches its limits and dies as it is replaced by a newer, substantially better technology.
____ refers to the production of novel and useful ideas.
Which of the following methods for managing resistance to change should only be used as a last resort or under crisis conditions?
Kodak is a company associated with photography. The development of the digital camera forced Kodak into the innovation stream because the new imaging process was a(n) ____.
technological discontinuity
There are eight general steps for organizational development intervention. The first step is ____.
What is the first step for managing innovation during discontinuous change?
Tom Valerio was the point man on a major push to reinvent CIGNA Property & Casualty. His vision for CIGNA was to become a top-quartile, specialist property and casualty company. It was a radical proposition. During the organizational change, having this vision was especially important during the ____ stage.
Kodak is a company associated with photography. The company has recognized that digital photography is a threat to the future growth of the company's film business. Therefore, the company has decided to become a market leader in digital imaging. As Kodak tried to compete in this new innovation stream, it entered ____.
Nearly all technology cycles follow the typical ____ pattern of innovation.
A technology cycle occurs whenever there are major advances or changes in the ____ in a field or discipline.
knowledge, tools, and techniques
Creativity was needed to improve efficiency without raising costs at one automobile maker. Over the last few years, the company has successfully implemented a creative engineering program that allows its plants to produce more than one type of car from the same assembly line. This successful change to a flexible manufacturing system is an example of ____.
organizational innovation
When a U.S. automaker learned that it took longer than any other U.S. car manufacturer to assemble a vehicle, it purchased newer, more flexible manufacturing systems to replace its older ones. Which stage of the technology cycle did it enter?
discontinuous change
Levi Strauss
Emily Morgan is a 30-year veteran at Levi Strauss & Company. She joined the company as a secretary in the advertising department and slowly began rising through the ranks. The more she saw how the company worked, the more dissatisfied she became. According to Morgan, the company was "dysfunctional" and "internally competitive, one division against another." This is why Morgan became a part of the change initiative when talk of reinventing the company spread through headquarters. She led the team that designed the Develop Sources process, a system for working with suppliers. In 1995, Morgan became vice president for fulfillment, Asia. Her job was to convince Levi's Asia suppliers to adopt more efficient production and distribution techniques. The Asian suppliers were afraid of change. Once Morgan and her staff showed suppliers how use of the Develop Sources program would benefit them, Morgan's job to transform Levi's Asian operations became easier.

Refer to Levi Strauss. Emily Morgan is an example of a(n) __
change agent
The ____ approach to innovation assumes that innovation is occurring within a highly uncertain environment and that the key to fast product innovation is to use intuition, flexible options, and hands-on experience to reduce uncertainty and accelerate learning and understanding.
In the typical S-curve pattern of innovation, small amounts of effort will result in significant increases in performance ____.
at the midpoint of the cycle
Which of the following approaches is aimed at changing large systems, small groups, or individuals?
organizational development
According to John Kotter, which of the following actions will adversely influence refreezing efforts?
declaring victory too soon
Which of the following is NOT one of the components of creative work environments?
group compensation
A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them.
A ____ for a McDonald's fast-food restaurant would be responsible for placing orders for food and paper supplies and for setting up weekly work schedules.
first-line manager
Nestlé was unsuccessful in early attempts to sell its chocolate in India. It discovered its chocolate bars were not suitable for the Indian markets because the candy had to sit in direct sunlight without benefit of air conditioning and became messy. Nestlé adopted an innovation strategy and developed Chocostick, a liquid chocolate, which is very popular. Solving this problem involved what management function?
A business school administrator who is determining what classes will be offered in which rooms and who will teach each specific class is involved in which classical management function?
Connie O'Day is a middle-level manager for the publishers of Free Spirit magazine, a publication targeted to women who are not focused on finding a husband or maintaining a house and garden. She spends much of her day conducting interviews with groups of women to determine what they consider most important in their lives. She also keeps an eye on the sales and content of other women's magazines. Which informational role does O'Day perform?
Eastman Kodak owns a company that manufactures dental radiation equipment. The company, which is run as an independent unit, has experienced excessive financial losses the last three years. The ____ for the company would be expected to develop the long-term plans needed to make the company profitable.
top manager
Typical responsibilities for ____ include coordinating and linking groups, departments, and divisions within a company
middle managers
In Great Britain, Nestlé introduced a candy bar called Yorkie with the slogan "It's not for girls!" The resulting furor over this sexist campaign required its British managers to spend a great deal of time in the role of:
disturbance handlers
The informational role managers' play when they share information they have collected with their subordinates and others in the company is called the ____ role.
Chester Barnard defined a(n) ____ as "a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons."
In the past, battlefield surgery was crude and often ineffective. Which of the following management theorists would most likely have used their understanding of how work is done to help surgeons eliminate unnecessary motions, operate more efficiently, and save more lives by closely studying how surgeries were performed?
Frank and Lilian Gilbreth
Which of the following statements describes an advantage of the systems approach to management?
All of these describe advantages of the systems approach to management.
Synergy occurs when ____.
two or more subsystems working together can produce more than they can working apart
Which of the following is NOT an example of a commonly used operations management tool?
target marketing
The Gantt chart ____.
is a chart that shows when and where tasks need to be completed so that a job can be completed in a timely fashion
____ involves managing the daily production of goods and services.
Operations management
The ____ approach to management focuses on the psychological and social aspects of work.
human relations
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are important to management because they ____.
used motion studies to eliminate unnecessary or repetitive motions from the work process
Which of the following statements about the beginnings of management is true?
Management as a field of study is only about 125 years old.