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Vocabulary for Chapter 2 of Wheelock's Latin

antiquus, -a, -um, adj.

ancient, old-time

et, conjunction

and;, both...and

fama, famae, f.

rumour, report; fame, reputation

forma, formae, f.

form, shape; beauty

fortuna, fortunae, f.

fortune, luck

ira, irae, f.


rosa, ae, f.


magnus, -a, -um

large, great, important

meus, -a, -um adj.


multus, -a, -um adj.

much, many

nauta, nautae, m.


O, interjection

O!, Oh!

patria, patriae, f.

fatherland, native land, (one's) country

pecunia,-ae, f.


philosophia, -ae, f.

(Greek philosophy, love of wisdom), philosophy

poena, -ae, f.

penalty, punishment; (idiom, poenas dare, to pay the penalty)

poeta, -ae, m.


porta, -ae, f.

gate, entrance

puella, -ae, f.


sed, conj.


sententia, -ae, f.

feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence

sine, preposition with abl.


tuus, -a, -um, adj.

your (used when speaking to one person)

vita, -ae, f.

life; mode of life

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