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The Outer Planets


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After what is Jupiter named after
Roman, Jovian, and Greek Zeus, for kings of gods
What does galileo observe about Jupiter
4 large satellites orbiting in the 1600s
What does Voyager send back to Earth
High resolution photographs in 1979
Galileo spacecraft orbits for how long and what happens after
It orbits for 8 years before it drops into Jupiter's atmosphere.
What happened to Galileo spacecraft
It deliberately crashed into the atmosphere to prevent contamination in space.
Jupiter is the _________ (____ planet) from the sun and is _______ from the sun
5th planet from the sun and is 5.2 Au from the Sun
Saturn is the _________ from the sun and is _______ from the sun
6th planet from the sun and is 9.5 AU from the sun
Uranus is the _________ from the sun and is _______ from the sun
7th planet from the sun and is 19.2 AU from the sun
Neptune is the _________ from the sun and is _______ from the sun
8th planet from the sun 30 AU from the sun
Jupiter has a mass _________ times greater than the mass of Earth
318 times
What would happen if Jupiter were to grow 10x larger
Nuclear Fusion would occur at the core
How many satellites does Jupiter have
63 by February 2004
What are the 4 largest satlites
Io, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa
How would you classify Jupiter
Gas Planet, outer, Superior, and visible
How would you classify Saturn
Gas Planet, outer, Superior, visible
How would you classify Uranus
Gas Planet, outer, Superior, invisible
How would you classify Neptune
Gas Planet, outer, Superior, invisible
What is Jupiter's outer atmosphere composed of
Helium and hydrogen just like the sun
How are the light and dark regions of Jupiter created by
They are created by rising and sinking gases
What is the name of the storm in Jupiter's Upper atmosphere called?
Great Red Spot
What are the characteristics of the great Red spot
It is 3x the size of Earth and has been occurring for a minimum of 300 years.
What are the characteristics of Io
Closest satellite to Jupiter, only place in the Solar System that a Volcano was witnessed and is caused by the tidal effects of Jupiter's gravity on Io's crust
What are the characteristics of Europa
Smallest of Galileans satellites and has a possibility of liquid water below its Frozen Surace
What are the characteristics of Callisto
Similar to Earth's Moon in appearance such as Craters
What are the characteristics of Ganymede
Largest of the 4 galilean Satellites and is the largest satellite in the entire solar system.
What is Saturn named after
The god of Agriculture (ROmans) or the father of Zeus (Greeks)
Who was the first to discover Staurn
Galileo called Saturn this
The planet with ears due to its appearance.
What is Saturns most interesting feature
The rings
What are the rings of Saturn made of?
Rock and Ice Particles or dusty water and ice pulled to Saturn by the planets gravity.
What machines got a better picture of Saturn
Voyager in the 1980s and the Cassini probe in 2004
____ largest planet in the solar system
2nd largest
Saturn is the only planet with a density __________________.
Less dense than water
How is saturn similar to Jupiter in atmospheric composition
They both have an atmosphere out of helium and hydrogen.
How many satellites does saturn have
53 named Satelites
What is Saturn's largest moon
Has a diameter of __________ miles across
75,000 miles
How thick are the rings of saturn
30 feet thick
How long is Saturn's rotation period
10 hours
Uranus is the _______ largest planet
What is there in the atmosphere of Uranus
Why does Uranus appear blue
because of large amounts of methane in the atmosphere
Why is Uranus' rotation so different
Because Uranus is tilted on its axis at 90 degrees and also follows a retrograde motion.
How is Uranus similar to all other gas planets
Uranus has a ring system
How many known satellites does Uranus have
After what os Uranus named after
The god of the sky (greek)
Who discovered Uranus and when
William Herschel in 1781
What flew by Uranus in 1986
Voyager 2
After what is Neptune named after
The Roman and Greek god of sea
How was the discovery of Neptune different than the discoveries of the other planets
Neptune was predicted and calculated by mathmeticians
Who is the man that discovered the planet Neptune
Johann Galle
What machine visited Neptune in 1989
Voyager 2
The _____ largest planet in the solar system
Neptune has ____ known satellites
What is the biggest satelite
How is titron different than the other moons
It has a retrograde motion.
What is beyond the solar system
The Kuiper belt
How far is the Kuiper belt from the sun
30-50 AU
_____ is in the Kuiper belt
What is the Kuiper belt made of
Icy Bodies
The Kuiper belt is the source of many _____________.
Short term comets
What is Pluto named after
The god of the underworld
Pluto was recently classified as a ______ planet
dwarf planet
What is different with PLuto's orbit than any other orbit
It is elongated
What is the impact of elongated orbit
Pluto is inside Neptune's orbit for a period of time.
When was the last time Pluto was inside Neptune's orbit?
From 1978-1998
How far away is Pluto from the sun?
39.5 AU from the sun
How is Pluto different from the other outer planets
Pluto is a terrestrial planet amongst gas giants
What is Pluto's moon Charon characteristics
More than 1/2 the size of pluto
How was Pluto discovered
By mistake in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh
_________ probe launched in 2006. Should reach Pluto by ______
New Horizons, 2015
PLuto and Charon may have once been satellites of _______