26 terms

Vocabulary List for London's Vocabulary

orb (n)
something circular; sphere
undulation (n)
movement in waves; a wavelike form, outline, or appearance
conjectural (adj)
supposed; hypothetical; uncertain
monotonously (adv)
boringly, dully, wearily
flounder (v)
to struggle clumsily
keen (adj)
intense; enthusiastic or ardent
imperative (adj)
extremely urgent or important; essential
conflagration (n)
a destructive fire, usually an extensive one
spasmodically (adv)
violently, fitfully, in spasms
ensued (v)
acute (adj)
sidle (v)
to move sideways, especially furtively
poignant (adj)
sharply distressing to one's feelings
stalwart (adj)
sturdy and robust; strong and brave
gutturals (n)
harsh, throaty sounds
attest (v)
to give proof or evidence of
slovenly (adv)
sloppily; in an uncaring manner
lolling (adj)
hanging or resting lazily
inexorable (adj)
unavoidable; unstoppable
comrade (n)
an intimate companion
iota (n)
a very small quantity
malicious (adj)
having an evil intent or motive
brute (n)
beast; brutal, insensitive, or crude person
impartial (adj)
fair; just
put the kibosh on (v)
to render inactive or ineffective
cache (n)
a hiding place for provisions, treasures, etc.