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(P&P) In the late 1960s, this African country's leader Mobutu Sese Seko, required citizens to drop their European names for pre-colonial ancestral names. Previously called the Congo, the country adopted this new name?
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(P&P) Egyptian President Nassar, nationalized this throughway that caused shockwaves throughout the West.What is the Suez Canal?(Religion) This was the first all-black religious denomination in the United StatesWhat is the African Methodist Episcopal Church?(PMMCR) Civil Rights activist Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee was the first person to popularize this phrase as a slogan for black liberation.What is "Black Power"?(PMMCR) Congress passed this law in 1807What was to ban the importation of slaves in the US?(PMMCR) For six days in August 1965, looting, burning, and rioting plunged this predominantly African-American section of Los Angeles into a state of anarchy, which resulted from the mistreatment of an African-AmericanWho is Watts?(PMMCR) He was the first African-American to bid for presidencyWho is Jesse Jackson Sr.?(PMMCR) He was the first African-American Mayor of ChicagoWho was Harold Washington?(PMMCR) His name is David Dinkins.Who was the first African American mayor of New York City?(PMMCR) In 1817, the American Colonization Society was founded to transport free African-Americans to their ancestral homeland. This organization built a colony in West Africa that became, in 1847, this independent country.What is Liberia?(PMMCR) In 1866 Congress passed this law, which confers citizenship on African Americans and grants them equal rights with whites for this purpose.What is the Civil Rights Act./The 14th Amendment(PMMCR) In 1889, Frederick Douglass was appointed U.S. Minister to this Caribbean nation.Haiti(PMMCR) In 1890 Mississippi enacted a poll taxWhat is to prevent blacks from voting(PMMCR) In 1905, in New York, 129 African- American intellectuals from 14 states met and organized the Niagara Movement, which became the forerunner of this important civil rights organization that still exists today. Name the organization.What is the NAACP(PMMCR) In 1912, he founded the American Colonization Society that grew to become one of the largest and most influential organizations in the African world. At its height, this organization claimed four million dues-paying members, a daily newspaper, a shipping line, and many other impressive enterprises.Who is Marcus Garvey(PMMCR) In 1954, this unanimous landmark Supreme Court decision overturned the "separate but equal" doctrine that since 1896 had legitimized segregation in the schools and other public facilities. Name this case.What is Brown vs Board of Education (Topeka, Kansas)(PMMCR) In 1966, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded an organization in Oakland that proposed a 10-point program that included reparations for past abuses of African Americans, release of African-American prisoners, and trial of African- Americans by African-American juries. What was the name of this organization?What is the Black Panther Party?(PMMCR) In 1967, Carl Stokes became the first African-American mayor of this major American city.What is Cleveland, Ohio?(PMMCR) In May 1966, this prominent African- American activist spokesman was named as the head of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), charting a new course for the "Black Power" doctrine. He is now known as Kwame Tur of the All African People's Revolutionary Party. Who is he?Who is Stokely Carmichael(PMMCR) In what year did President Lincoln sign the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that all slaves held in rebellious areas be freed?1863(PMMCR) Kwanzaa is celebrated during what dates?When is December 26-January 1(PMMCR) Name the 1896 court case in which the U.S. Supreme Court gave its approval to segregate public facilities, known as the infamous "Jim Crow" laws?What is Plessy vs Ferguson?(PMMCR) On February 1, 1960, African- American college students staged a sit-in at a "white's only" lunch counter in a southern city. The sit-in grew to over 70,000 participants in cities across the South. The sit-in thrust African- American youth to the front lines of the movement. Name the city where the sit-ins began.Where is Nashville, Tennessee?On September 15, 1963 four young African-American school girls were killed in the bombing of a church in Birmingham. Their deaths symbolized the evil and treachery of racism. What was the name of the church where these martyrs died?What is the 16th Street Baptist Church(PMMCR) On September 25, 1957, President Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne Division and 10,000 Arkansas National Guardsmen to Little Rock, ArkanasWhat is To escort nine black students to Little Rock Central High School.(PMMCR) P.B.S. Pinchback was born a slave in Mississippi but eventually made his home in another Southern state. During Reconstruction, he became a state senator, school board director of a major city's school system, senator, lieutenant governor, and in 1872, governor of the state. What state claims this first African-American governor?Louisiana(PMMCR) She was the first African-American woman to elect congressWho is Shirley Chisholm(PMMCR) She was the first female African-American US senatorWho is Carol Mosley-Braun?(PMMCR) The effort to coordinate the "sit-in" protest of the Civil Rights Movement led to the founding of what organization?What is The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee?(PMMCR) This European Nation was the first to stop trading African American slaves to the United States in 1794What is France?(PMMCR) This famous 1857 Supreme Court Decision opened federal territory to slavery, denied citizenship rights to African Americans, and decreed that slaves do not become free when taken into free territory. It was named after the slave who sued his master for his freedom.What is the Dred Scott Decision?(PMMCR) This was the first state to abolish slavery.Where is Pennsylvania?(PMMCR) What amendment gave African-Americans the right to vote?What is the 15th Amendment?(PMMCR) What is the name of the Florida Indian nation that offered refuge to fugitive slaves, intermarried with them, and fought along with them against the U.S. government in a series of wars in the mid-1800s?What is the Seminole Nation?((PMMCR) What is the title of the 1852 novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe? This novel sold over 300,000 copies in one year and won over countless thousands of sympathizers to the abolitionist cause.What is Uncle Tom's Cabin?(PMMCR) What organization, founded in 1977, was the first African-American political lobbying organization? Headed by Randall Robinson, the organization influences U.S. policy toward Africa and the Caribbean.What is Trans Africa?(PMMCR) What was the name of the 14-year- old African-American boy who was brutally murdered in Money, MS, in 1955 for speaking to a white woman? An all white jury acquitted his killers. His death was the spark that set the Civil Rights Movement on fire.Who is Emmet Till?(TTA) The National Administrative board of directors, which governs the TLOD and (TTA) organization.What is the Parilamen-Top?(TTA) The authoritative body of Top Ladies of Distinction and Top Teens of AmericaWhat is the Syn-Lod?(TTA) Member in good standing selected by the member's chapter to represent the chapter and to cast votes on behalf of the chapter during Area and National conferencesWhat is a delegate?(TTA) Top Ladies and Top Teens communicating and working together to enrich the lives of Top TeensWhat is the Mentoring Program/TLC?(TTA) Major focus areas of TLODWhat is the National Program?(TTA) Set of rules for conduct at meetings, which should allow everyone to be heard and make decisions without confusionWhat is the Parliamentary Procedure?(TTA) System used to keep track and award Top Teens on their participation in their respective TTA chapterWhat is a point system?(TTA) Official calendar of activities or events for TLOD, and TTAWhat is the Program of Work?(TTA) The official colors of the organizationWhat is royal blue and silver ?(TTA) TTA Motto?What is "Participation is our foundation as leaders of tomorrow"(TTA) Guidelines for TTA behavior at National Area and Chapter MeetingsWhat is the Code of Ethics?(TTA) First members of a new chapterWhat are Charter Members?(TTA) Title given to a chapter that has successfully completed the national program of workWhat is a Five Star Chapter?(Dates) What year was Martin Luther King day declared as a National holidayWhen was 1986?(Dates) What is the date that Dr. King died?When was April 4, 1968?(MLKJ's Life) What is the name of Dr. King's Wife?Who is Coretta Scott King?(Dates) What year and where was Dr. King born?When was January 15, 1929 and where was Atlanta, Georgia?(MLKJ's Life) What college did Dr. King attend?What is Morehouse College?