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Beef Cattle, Black, naturally polled, good in feedlot


Beef Cattle, Red w white face, english breed that can be horned or polled


Beef Cattle, light yellow hair w lighter hair around the eyes and nose


Beef Cattle, light to medium gray, used in cross breeding, indian breed w lots of loose floopy skin

Texas Longhorn

Beef Cattle, colors vary, horns up to 4ft, high resistance to disease and parasites

Belgian Blue

Beef Cattle, sometimes w double muscle structure


Dairy Cattle, red and white

Brown Swiss

Dairy Cattle, volume of milk plus the protein produced is coveted by cheese makers


Dairy Cattle, known for producing high butterfat, high protein milk w high concentration of betacarotene


Dairy Cattle, black and white or red and white, average milk production is six years


Dairy Cattle, vary in color commonly darker about the hips and head/shoulders

Dutch Belted

Dairy Cattle, rare breed

squeeze chute

cattle prod

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