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Imperialism was caused by
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The headline Spanish butcher innocent Cubans is an example ofYellow journalismName the two policies that a tempted to increase US power in Latin AmericaBig stick policy and dollar diplomacyReduction and travel time for commercial and military shipping primary reasons for the building of thePanama canalWilson statement of making the world safe for democracy was his justification for US declaration of war againstGermanyWilson's 14 points included or believe inSelf-determinationRoosevelt foreign-policy was nicknamedThe big stick policyThe war industries Board the war labor board and the food administration were all created because in time of warThe government becomes more involved in economyCritics of World War I or silenced by theEspionage and sedition actsUS intervene in Latin America primarily to protectOur security and investmentsWhat was the immediate cause of US entry into World War IGermany sub sinking US merchant shipWhy did the senate reject the Versailles 's treatyConcerned about league of NationsThe acquisition New territories is a characteristic ofImperialismPollitzer and Hearst use this to generate public support for the Spanish American warYellow journalismAfrican-Americans migrated north and following World War I because of the availability ofJobsWho was the naval secretary who was a propond by of imperialismAlfred MahanThat outcome of the shake verse US case established the freedom of speech can be limited if it represents allClear and present dangerConcern of involvement in military complex was a prime reason for senate opposition to US membership inThe league of NationsThe rise of big business had a direct impact on the foreign-policy ofThe USOpen door policy was designed to give the US equal trading rights inChinaDuring the war woman gained momentum for the suffrage movement byFilling in jobs of males in warThe acquisition of colonies in the pacific lead to increased interest in building theNavyThe most important result of the Spanish-American war was that the US was not recognized as aWorld powerThe acquired territories of Guam Hawaii wake island and the Simoni and islands are all located wherePacific OceanUS intervene in the Caribbean throughout the early 1900s and intervention was bothMilitary and EconomicDo US justified its actions in Latin America by citing what addendum to the Monroe DictrineBig stick policy