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Lesson1- write a composition -Describing your school. ( minimum 40 words)
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My school is the happiest place on earth. My school is huge it has more than 30 classrooms, a big playground, a cool gym, the science room is amazing, the cafeteria is very comfortable, the library has an incredible collection of more than 1.000 titles.. I miss my friends and my classes. My favorite person at school is my English teacher, she is really nice.
EXAMPLE: In my classroom there are around fifteen kids. They are all very friendly however they all have different characteristics. I would say that Pepito is shorter than my friend Pepita. Clarissa is funnier than Filipo. Tom is lazier than Lunita. Barney and George are smarter than Goofy. Wiko and Lauri are more interesting than Hermes. Finally Luki, Pupo and Fifo are faster than Jhonny, Saul and Yoki.